Get Fibre Installation Charges Waived [Next Gen NBN]


Sign up today for your fibre installation, and get installation charges waived when the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) first passes your vicinity!

Very soon, you will have the all-new fibre network installed at your home. As a home owner living either in a high-rise or landed residential property, you will enjoy a waiver of the installation charges at your home for fibre runs that are within 15 metres. For any multi-storey residential home, the 15-metre fibre run will be measured from the main door to a termination point inside the house. For landed property, this fibre run starts from the gatepost to a designated termination point inside your house.

This is an OPT-IN process. To enjoy the waiver of installation charges, you are strongly encouraged to sign up for your fibre installation when OpenNet’s fibre deployment first reaches your vicinity. Home owners will be informed by a letter from OpenNet. For more details, visit

Enter your post code here and check whether it’s around your area. 

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