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Air Asia has launched $0 air tickets promotion for several times; the latest starts on midnight of Sep 21, 2011. But, during major promotions, there are always the unavoidable hiccups.

To have a smoother booking transaction, here is a simple guide that will make your experience more enjoyable as well as help you grab that low fare you’ve been eying on! 

SALE: Starts on 00:01hrs (GMT+8) 21 September 2011

Booking period: 21 – 25 September 2011

Travel period: 3 May – 27 October 2012


1. Sign up for an AirAsia Membership Account:

To help you speed up your booking process, we’ve introduced two new exciting features for AirAsia Members.

(a) My Friends and Family List: You can now add up to 10 friends and family’s details into your Friends and Family list. Simple check/select the travelling friends and family’s names in the “Guest Details” page and click “Add Guest”. The Guest Details will be automatically filled up.

(b) 1-Click card: you can store up to 3 Credit/Charge/Debit cards details that you wish to use for payment. Simply select your preferred card in the Payment Page and insert CVV/CID code to make your payment! This makes the process so much faster.

For more details on “My Friend and Family List” and “1-Click Card” features, please check out

AirAsia Membership also helps you when you encounter payment error. You can always return to ‘Manage my booking’ -> ‘Find My Booking’ to complete the payment without having to go through the hassle of rebooking!

2. Make sure you use IE8.0 or Mozilla Firefox

NO discrimination against other browsers but these two browsers are reported to be the most stable choices throughout the booking process.

3. Plan your trip in advance

  • Prepare a few travel plans. If Plan A doesn’t work, at least you’ll have back-up plans and you’ll save the hassle of planning from scratch again.
  • Have all guests’ details at hand. i.e: Name, Address, D.O.B, passport numbers, etc…
  • If your passport is expiring soon / not registered yet, NO worries. Just fill in your current details and update your latest passport details via ‘Manage my booking’ at no extra cost and at a later time convenient to you.


  • You will only have up to 10mins at the Search and Select Flights pages each, linger any longer and you will be redirected back to the ‘Waiting Room’.
  • DO NOT attempt to open Multi-TABs (under the same browser) to search for fares as it may ‘confuse’ you during the booking process. You may end up with the WRONG travel date.

‘Waiting Room’

You will be directed to the ‘Waiting Room’ if your searches take more time than it normally would. ‘Waiting Room’ will auto refresh every 15 seconds, so please DO NOT refresh the browser. You will be directed to the Booking Page when your turn comes.

‘Busy Bee’ Page

These friendly bees tend to pop-up at the later stages of your booking IF the server is busy. You can easily ward these bees away by pressing the Back then Refresh buttons.

During the booking

1. Error Message [Invalid Name]

This happens because you have keyed in names consisting symbols like @, ‘, &, – and etc.

Please use only letters (A – Z) when you fill up your First and Last name.

2. Error Message [Invalid Pax Type]

Please make sure the Date of Birth of the passenger is keyed in correctly. The new Air Asia system will validate the information for confirmation. Adult seat is applicable to Adults (>2 years old) and Child -> Infant

3. Review and Pay

Before proceeding to your payment, please double check and confirm your flight details (flight date/time, flight number, departure/arrival city) and passenger details (name, baggage, meal, Pick A Seat). All the details shown here will be final for your booking once the payment has been made.

During the payment

Here comes the most important part. Please note the below scenarios to make sure you fully understand what is your payment status, so you can grab your low fares successfully!

Scenario A

Reservation status: ‘Confirmed’

Booking number: ‘Yes’

Payment (at the bottom of the page) : “Confirmed”

This means your booking is successful. Please wait for your flight Itinerary to be sent to your email account (the one which you keyed in during the booking process).

Scenario B

Reservation status: ‘Confirmed’

Booking number: ‘Yes’

Payment (at the bottom of the page): ‘Pending’

This is due to a large number of payment requests received at the same time which slows down the booking process.


Wait for 5 (FIVE) minutes and log on to “Manage my booking” to check if the status haschanged to:


Reservation Status: ‘Confirmed’

Booking Number: ‘Yes’

Payment (at the bottom of the page): ‘Confirmed’

Great! It means the payment is successful.


Reservation Status: ‘Need Payment’

Booking Number: ‘Yes’

Payment (at the bottom of the page) : ‘Declined’

Oops, this means the payment is NOT successful. Please click on ‘Add Payment’ to repay and Repeat the ‘Solution’ step.

The booking will only be on hold for 2 hours so make sure you keep trying until the payment is successful.

Scenario C

The ‘Bees’ page appeared after I click on ‘Submit Payment’. It mentions time-out / error.


Don’t panic. Log on to ‘Manage my booking’ immediately to check if your booking is kept inside your Account.

Check scenario A / B to make sure you have completed your payment.


1. All Guests have to login to AirAsia Member Account in order to retrieve and manage your booking online. If you haven’t signed up as our AirAsia Member, sign up now @

2. Don’t forget to Supersize Your Baggage, Pick A Seat, pre-book Hot meals, AirAsia Insure and SkyBus via ‘Manage My Booking’ to enjoy up to 50% online discounted rate.

3. Due to the overwhelming response to our current promotion, it will take us a little longer to send you your itinerary via email.

Use mobile as an alternative

Did the ‘Waiting Room’ or ‘Bees’ page appear one too many times? Why not book via your mobile? Log on to via your mobile or download AirAsia iPhone,  BlackBerry or Android Apps to book with ease.

  • It may be slow, too; but keep trying until you get it!
  • Credit card is the ONLY payment method.

You can download AirAsia iPhone, BlackBerry or Android Apps at:

  • Android:
  • IPhone:
  • BB:


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