AKB48 cafe in Singapore (w/ photos & Videos)

AKB48 Cafe Opened in SingaporeThe biggest pop group AKB48 from Japan has opened its very own themed cafe at *SCAPE (2 orchard link) in Singapore. If you’re a J-pop fan, you definitely should visit ABK48 Cafe, which is furnished to resemble the original Akihabara theatre in the heart of Tokyo.

In December 2005, producer Yasushi Akimoto created the idol group “AKB 48″. With the concept “Idols you can meet everyday“, AKB 48 performs at the exclusive AKB48 Theater in Akihabara almost every day.

AKB 48 Group

They have already performed at “the 62th Kouhaku uta gassen” in 2011, and even have their own TV program “AKBINGO!”, “Weekly AKB”, “Naruhodo Highschool” and so on.

AKB48 Cover Photos

AKB48 Cover Photos

As of May 2011 there are 18 members on team A, 18 members on team K and 18 members on team B, 23 members on team Trainee with a total of 61.

AKB48 Cafe in Singapore features a theatre-style shop front and a mini-stage; diners at AKB 48 Cafe can look forward to exclusive AKB48 screenings, a chance to meet their favorite AKB48 idol as they dine with delicious Japanese fusion food. The cafe also features a theatre-style shop front and a mini-stage. A full menu will be ready by mid-July at AKB48 Cafe.

Check out three of their most popular songs below:

ヘビーローテーション / AKB48

ポニーテールとシュシュ / AKB48



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