Annual Leave Entitlement in Singapore

If you work in Singapore, you must have a clear understanding of your annual leave entitlement in Singapore as an employee, protected by Ministry of Manpower or MOM including how to calculate your annual leave and whether you are qualified.

According to MOM, one employee is entitled to Annual Leave if (1) they are covered under Part IV of the Employment Act (2) and have worked for at least three months.

Calculation of Annual Leave entitlement

Employees’ annual leave entitlement depends on the year of service (begins from the day he/she started work with the employer):

  • 1st year of service: 7 days of leave
  • 2nd year of service: 8 days
  • 3rd year: 9 days
  • 4th year: 10 days
  • 5th year: 11 days
  • 6th year: 12 days
  • 7th year: 13 days
  • 8th year and thereafter: 14 days

Of course there are entitlement by law; your employers may entitle you for more days of paid annual leave. Usually, getting 14 days or even 21 days in the first year is not rare. You should also know that you can take “half day leave” if all you need to be away from work is less than half day.

The employer can deduct an employee’s salary for excess annual leave taken within the same month.

If you have worked for less than one complete year, your annual leave will be pro-rated using the following formula:

  • (No of months in service/12) x 7 (replace “7″ with your actual total days of annual leave granted by your employer if it’s more than “7″)

Now you know your rights for annual leave entitlement; get help from MOM if necessary. 

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