Bad News: Tiger Airways to Charge Check-in Baggage

Tiger Airways will begin charging for all check-in baggages for bookings made after 29 May. Those who booked before 29 May will continue to enjoy 15kg free baggage allowance.

After 29 May, Tiger Airways passengers will need to pay:

  • S$5 for checked-in baggage of up to 15kg.
  • 20kg: S$15
  • 25kg: $25
  • 30kg: $40

But all fares will include 7kg of free hand luggage which excludes one handbag and one laptop computer which can also be carried for free.

Tiger said the new charges will ensure that passengers travelling without checked baggage will always get the lowest fares. Well, fair enough. 


  1. tl lau says

    Please help.. I could find any place where I can do online checking for my friday’s flight to singapore…..

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