Ben & Jerry Free Cone’s Day 2011: Apr 12

Ben & Jerry's

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Free Cone’s Day is coming soon from Ben & Jerry! Grab a free Ben & Jerry cone on April 12, 2011.

Please also donate  to help dyslexic kids recognize their favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor. All proceeds will go to the Dyslexia Association of Singapore.

Where to Get Ben & Jerry Cone for Free

  • VivoCity – 12pm to 7pm
  • Raffles City – 12pm to 7pm
  • United Square – 12pm to 7pm
  • Great World City – 12pm to 7pm
  • The Cathay – 12pm to 7pm
  • Dempsey – 12pm to 7pm
  • Heeren – 12pm to 7pm
  • Zoo (Entrance Only) – 12pm to 5pm
  • Jurong Bird Park (Entrance Only) – 12pm to 5pm
  • Sentosa – 12pm to 5pm

Dyslexia is a condition that makes it very difficult for children to read, write and/or spell. It has nothing to do with the person’s intelligence. Often weaknesses may be seen in areas such as of language development, memory and sequencing. Having dyslexia does not mean that your child’s ability to learn is below average.

In fact, many people with dyslexia are very bright. But not being able to read well can make many areas of learning a problem. Dyslexia describes a different kind of mind, sometimes gifted and productive, that learns differently. 

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