Boston Pizza

boston pizza company Boston Pizza Delivery Hotline Number: 6 2199 219
2nd Pizza @ 1/2 Price for pizza of same or lower price

Delivery Time: 10:30am – 10:30pm
Delivery charge: FREE

Delivery Locations: CBD, Orchard Rd, Newton, Novena, Thomson, Upper Bukit Timah, Farrer Rd, Bukit Timah, Holland Rd, Bukit Batok, Clementi.
Boston Pizza delivers to other locations on a case-to-case basis. Please call their hotline to inquire!

Boston Pizza Delivery Menu

Mozzarella Double Play
Extra cheese & fresh tomatoes

12″: $17.80/(2nd: $8.90)
14″: $20.80/($10.40)

Pepperoni Pitchout
Pepperoni, italian sausage, beef, mushrooms, extra cheese


5 Tool Player
Any 5 toppings of your choice


Seafood Strikeout
Prawn, crabmeat, squid, tuna


Hawaiian Home Run
Ham, pineapple, extra cheese


Boston Bullpen
Pepperoni, ham, italian sausage, salami, olives, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers


Vegetarian Wheelhouse
Mushrooms, olives, green pepper, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, pineapples


Jalapeno Moon Shot
Beef, salami, onion, olives, jalapeno peppers, green chilli


Mushroom Triple Play
Extra mushrooms, cheese and fresh tomatoes


Each additional topping
Pepperoni, salami, turkey ham, beef, italian sausage, tuna, egg, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, olives, jalapeno peppers, extra cheese, pineapples, chilli flake

12″: $2.00
14″: $2.40 


  1. Yoke Wing says:

    Tried their pizza. Was great! More New York style pizza which was really yummy! Try it.

  2. My family had the Bullpen and loved it.The cheese and dough were very nice. Will certainly order again!

  3. Pizza might be good (I am yet to try it) but their customer orientation leaves a lot to be desired. The phone rang out 3 times and was answered almost at the expiry of my fourth attempt. I was then told it would take a min of 1.5 hours for delivery. There are too many options sprouting up in Singapore to tolerate such nonsense!!!

  4. Have to say…the worst delivery service in SG….I have ordered a pizza that can not be delivered for 2.5 hours…..?!?!?! what is that all about….

  5. So Pizza has eventually arrived, its overcooked and not very hot…..

    • Haha yeah right…… have been ordering Boston pizza for the past 7 months and so far, no mistakes. Pizza came hot, crisp crust, generous portion of toppings, efficient delivery(came 50 minutes right after order) and great stuff!!!! “:] thats all there is.

    • Haha :] Their pizza is AUTHENTIC NEW YORK-STYLE pizzas so shut your trap hole!

  6. Ordered from Boston yesterday. Experience was good. This was my 2nd time ordering. The order was taken professionally. They even captured my particulars from the 1st time and knew my address immediately. Pizza arrived quite fast (<45 mins) which I was pleasantly surprised. One thing that must be said is that their pizza is very authentic New York style.

    • Muichael Truman says:

      Yup thats the speciality, so i heard with my friends too when i brought about Boston Pizza in my conversations….. Surprisingly, they too enjoy Pizza from there… im surprised they even knew this pizza place :] But they had good reviews “:] Boston Pizza is new i think, started from 2007? But they have come a long way from when they’ve started

  7. Singapore Stick says:

    Boston Pizza has an amazing taste and aroma. I must say though, the pizza arrived with a missing slice. The delivery boy had sauce on his lips and looked nervous. After he flirted with my wife and 12 year old daughter, he asked for a higher tip than what I gave. I thought 10 dollars for a tip was enough, I guess not in Singapore.

    • hahah nice joke:] that would most likely not be possible…. Nice Boston Beef Burger though at their new dining place at 5 Boon Tat Street. 9/10 for food,ambience,service and wine :} :]

  8. Terrance says:

    This is ridiculous.. Called 6 times from 10:36 am till 10:50am. The opening hours states that delivery time is from 10:30am – 10:30 pm. Why isnt anyone answering?? If no one is working from 10:30 am then why state the opening hours.. I am very disapointed in BOSTON pizza…

    • Youve got to be kidding me……… you called at 10:36 till 10:50 and expect them to answer when they close at 10:30!!!!!!!!! Riddiculous, utterly riddiculous!!!!!

      • Muichael Truman says:

        Yeah ur right……. Tried their pizza yesterday for dinner and it came out fresh with a new york style pizza crusts. Excellent!!!!! :] im surprised that their service was on time too. Around 40 minutes upon order :} :} :} overall, 8/10

  9. John Francis says:

    Called last night to try out the pizza having heard so much about it from friends. The call was answered quite fast (after 2 rings) and the order taker was very polite and pleasant.

    For one of my orders I wanted a topping that was not on the menu, the order taker put his supervisor on the phone and proceeded to complete the order with the ‘special’ topping to my surprise!

    He said the order would take about 1 hour which I felt was reasonable as it was the usual waiting time for pizza delivery. The order arrive around 50 minutes later and it was piping hot! Delivery guy was polite.

    Pizza tasted wonderful. Agree with earlier post that the dough / cheese was very good and authentic New York.

    From the earlier postings, it seems that it boils down to customer service (the same for the major food delivery outlets)

    Having managed the call centre for a large international courier company, I can understand the problems. Finding and training staff to a very high level is a challenge.

    Will check back when tried them a 2nd time.

  10. Worst service ever…

    Deliver was over 30 mins late and the Large pizza looks SMALL!
    Topping was miserable!

    Will never patronise them anymore!

  11. Really good pizza :} Moved to its new premisis somewhere at the business district CBD. Try their Boston Beef Burger!!!! Really Juicy, tasty, and at an affordable price :] Overall, their delivery is fine. Missing slices are usually not on their ‘agenda’. Spoke with the CEO and he said that ‘everything is monitered 24/7. And the thing about not delivering within their given time. Well, give them a break folks. They have the right pizza, american style, plus the right taste, italian style. Isnt that perfect?

  12. Putri Gunawan says:

    LOvely Pizzaa!!!! Nice crust and Boston Bullpen and Boston hawiiian home run was perfect!!!!!!! I LOVE BOSTON!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

  13. Pizza Is PURE GENIUS.

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