NParks: Camping Permit Application [HOW TO]

Campaigning Permit Application

National Parks Board (NParks) introduced a new camping permit application system in 2009 to cater to the growing popularity of camping as a recreational activity particularly at coastal parks.

Campers can apply for camping permits via AXS to camp at any of the five parks where camping is permitted:

  • Changi Beach Park (between Carpark 1 and Carpark 4; between Carpark 6 and Carpark 7)
  • East Coast Park (Area D and Area G)
  • Pasir Ris Park (Area 1 and 3)
  • Sembawang Park (Area A)
  • West Coast Park (Area 3).

Camping permits will be required on weekdays and weekends, including public holidays and school holidays. A permit is valid for one day. Each camper will be able to apply for a maximum of 8 days per month.

Those who wish to apply for camping permits can do so conveniently from any of the 500 over AXS machines island-wide.

AXS machines are also located in Changi Beach Park (i-kiosk near Carpark 1), East Coast Park (Area C3), Pasir Ris Park (Carpark E), Sembawang Park (Carpark 1), and West Coast Park (McDonald’s restaurant in Area 3).

Campers can also apply online via AXS website (at least one day in advance). In view of the current economic downturn, NParks will cover the cost of transaction over AXS by absorbing the administrative fee of $1 per permit per day.

Notes for Camping Permit Application

  1. A camping permit is required for setting-up any tent. Setting-up of tents is allowed only within a designated campsite. Open fire or use of stove is not allowed.
  2. An applicant can only apply for one permit per park per day (valid from 9am to 9am the following day). The particulars of every person staying in the tent must be stated in the application.
  3. The person to whom a permit is issued must be present at the tent at all times and must not leave the tent vacant or unattended to, and must show his permit to NParks officers for verification upon request. Any tent left vacant or unattended to may be removed by NParks without notice.
  4. Permits issued are solely for recreational camping only. Residing at the park is not allowed.
  5. The person to whom a permit is issued must ensure that the camping area is clean at all times and must clear all trash after using the camping area. Littering or leaving behind trash constitutes an offence which carries a composition fine of $300.


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