Singapore workers ranked most diligent! What about you?

According to Straits Times, the report by the International Labor Organization put Singapore workers at the top of 13 economies in the group’s Global Wages Report for 2008-09.

A check with Singapore’s Manpower Ministry put working hours in Singapore at 45.9 hours a week for 2008 and for the first quarter of last year. In 2007, it was 46.3 hours.

Under the Employment Act, the limit on working hours is 44 hours a week or eight hours a day. Beyond this, workers are entitled to 1.5 times their hourly rate of pay.

The working hours do not include a tea break or lunchtime. This applies only to workmen earning less than $4,500, or other employees drawing less than $2,000 a month.

How many hours do you work on average per week?

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Poll: are you optimistic about Singapore’s Economy in 2010?

Singapore Skyline (#12)A user sent in a link to an article on BBC, which may worry some people as Singapore’s economy shrank for the first time in three quarters in the last three months of 2009:

Singapore’s economy shrank for the first time in three quarters in the last three months of 2009.
Weaker manufacturing helped the economy shrink by an annualised rate of 6.8% in the fourth quarter of the year, the island’s government said.

That compares with a 14.9% rise in the third quarter, following Singapore’s deepest recession on record.
However, the economy still grew by 3.5% when compared with the same three-month period in 2008.
Over 2009 as a whole, the economy shrank by 2.1%.

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Poll: Do Singaporeans Have Self Respect?

Jackie Chan reportedly said of Singapore:

A lot of people are not like those in USA and Japan who voluntarily have self-respect. When you don’t have self-respect, the government will have to control you.

In Singapore, you have to abide by Singapore’s regulations. In China, you can litter, In Singapore, try littering and you will be jailed immediately.

What do you think?

Update: Poll ended. 59% voted “yes”.