How to Change IC (NRIC) Address

If you move your house or for whatever reason your Singapore residential address is changed, you MUST update the address on your IC with the government (if you are a resident).

Yes, MUST. Under the National Registration Act, an Identity Card (IC) holder (Singapore citizen and Singapore PR) is required to report his/her change of residential address within 28 days.

Participating government agencies and statutory boards (PDF) will then be informed of the change in address through the OSCARS.

How to Update Your Singapore IC Address

You simply need to go to ICA Building, Level 3 Citizen Services Centre or any of the Neighbourhood Police Posts/Centres to update the change of address in your Identity Card (IC) who will then verify the information on his print-out with your personal particulars against the documents produced (check out the acceptable documents below).

A sticker showing the new address would then be printed and pasted onto your existing IC.

Acceptable Documents for IC Address Verification

  • Telecommunication / Internet bill
  • Service and Conservancy bill from town council
  • Utilities bill from Singapore Power
  • Cable TV bill
  • Credit Card / Bank statement
  • Insurance bill / statement / letter
  • Tenancy agreement for residence
  • Bill / statement / letter from HDB
  • Bill / statement / letter from IRAS (e.g. Income Tax, Property Tax, etc)
  • Bill / letter from LTA (e.g. Road Tax)
  • TV / Radio license bill
  • Statement / letter from CPF

If You Don’t Have Acceptable Documents…

Y will have to submit an application for pre-notification letter to ICA via the Online Pre-Notification of Change of Address (OPAD) e-service for ICA to mail a letter to your new address within 7 working days. This can be used as the documentary evidence.

Within 14 days after receiving the letter, you may proceed to the following venues with your current IC and the letter to update the change of the address. 

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