Paid Childcare Leave in Singapore

Got a question from reader YinYin regarding childcare leave entitlement in Singapore,

Would like to enquire on child care leave. I’m going to leave the company in
April, how many day of child care leave I’m entitle to by April.

Thank you,

child-careAn employee covered under the Children Development Co-Savings Act is entitled to 6 days of childcare leave claim per year if:

The child (including legally adopted children or stepchildren) is below seven years of age.

The Children Development Co-Savings Act cover all parents of Singapore citizens, including managerial, executive or confidential staff if the parent satisfies the following conditions:

  1. The child is a Singapore Citizen ;
  2. The child’s parents are lawfully married (including divorced or widowed parents); and
  3. The employee has worked for the employer for at least three calendar months.

The parent is self-employed and have been engaged in a particular business / trade / profession for a continuous duration of at least three calendar months; and have lost income as a result of not engaging in the trade, business, profession or vocation during the childcare leave period

The first three days of childcare leave will be employer-paid and the last three days Government-paid (capped at $500 per day, including CPF). Regardless of the number of children, the total childcare leave entitlement for each parent is capped at 6 days per year.

The number of days of childcare leave that a working parent can benefit from will add up to a total of 42 days over a 7-year period.

Childcare Leave Entitlement (days) For New Hires in the first year of employment

  • completed 1-2 months of service: Not eligible
  • 3-4 months: 2 days
  • 5-6 months: 3 days
  • 7-8 months: 4 days
  • 9-10 months: 5 days
  • 11-12 months: 6 days

Termination of Contract in the Last Year of Employment

  • completed 1 months of service in the last year of employment before termination: Not eligible
  • 2-4 months: 2 days
  • 5-6 months: 3 days
  • 7-8 months: 4 days
  • 9-10 months: 5 days
  • 11-12 months: 6 days

Child Care Leave for PR and More

Parents of non-citizens or single (unmarried) parents covered under the Employment Act is entitled to two days of childcare leave per year if:

  • The child (including legally adopted children or stepchildren) is below seven years of age; and
  • The employee has worked for the employer for at least three calendar months.

Child care leave for each parent is capped at two days per year regardless of the number of qualifying children.

Employee on fixed-term contract/temporary/part-time basis

Fixed-term contract/temporary/part-time employees are entitled to childcare leave, provided an employee has served the employer for a period of not less than 3 months.

Application of Childcare Leave

An employee has full flexibility to use the childcare leave to spend time with his/her child. A child medical certificate is not required. For example, the employee can use the leave to accompany a child on the first day of school, or care for the child personally should the usual care arrangements fall through.

An employee should give the employer early notice of his/her intention to take childcare leave. Leave is subject to the employer’s approval.

The employer should discuss with the employee and mutually agree on a suitable time to take the childcare leave. If the employee needs the leave to attend to matters that cannot be postponed (e.g. child immunization, school registration), the employer is strongly encouraged to grant the leave.

Childcare leave is not transferable between spouses. Unused childcare leave by any one party will lapse at the end of each agreed 12-month period.

If the employee changes employer, he will not be able to carry over any unused childcare leave to the new company. The new company should grant the employee childcare leave according to the statutory requirement after he has worked for him/her for more than 3 months.

Unused childcare leave at the end of the yearly entitlement period will lapse and cannot be encashed.

The childcare leave entitlement is 6 days per year if the employee has worked for at least 3 months with the employer. Employers may pro-rate childcare leave based on the duration of employment, subject to a minimum of 2 days. The 2 days of childcare leave under the Employment Act cannot be pro-rated.

Childcare leave cannot be used to offset the notice period for termination of employment. However, if an employee applies for childcare leave during the notice period, the employer is encouraged to grant the leave. The days of childcare leave taken will not add to the notice period.

For information on claims and reimbursement procedures, please refer to MCYS at the the Pro-family leave website.

Facing Unreasonable Bosses

Childcare leave is a statutory benefit under the law. This enables working parents to spend time with their children and better balance their work and family commitments. As in all other forms of paid leave, both employers and employees are encouraged to discuss and agree on a suitable arrangement for employees who wish to go on childcare leave.

The Ministry of Manpower takes a serious view of unreasonable employers who deny employees their statutory rights, including childcare leave entitlement. Affected employees can approach MOM for assistance. MOM urge the friends of Ms Ler to email or contact (65) 6438 5122 to provide details of their cases so that the Ministry can look into the matter. MOM would also like to reassure them that all information given to the Ministry would be kept strictly confidential.

Under the Employment Act, employers who refuse to grant childcare leave to employees without reasonable grounds may face a penalty of a court fine of up to $5,000 for the first offence and $10,000 for subsequent offences.

Read more about maternity leave in Singapore.

Source: MOM 

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  1. Ceng Xuan Ning says

    Would like to entitle the childcare Leave, if my kids and I, both of us are SPR’s, it is aligible for childcare leave.

    I services the company for 10 months, but our HR Specialist told that I’m not eligible to it because my kid’s not a Singaporean.

    An early reply will be much appreaciated.

    Thank you.
    Xuan Ning

    • says

      Parents of non-citizens or single (unmarried) parents covered under the Employment Act is entitled to two days of childcare leave per year. You better go to MOM and ask for advice from there and then let your HR know.

  2. says

    I would like to ask if morning I call office and take leave because my child sick can that be consider a childcare leave. The sickness of the child is unpredictable. To me what is the purpose the childcare leave if cannot be use when the child sick.

    Your early reply is much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  3. anita meena says

    i want take child care leave.can i take it without finish of my el leave . can i take it up to 12 month . may i get full pay during that period.hope for early reply.

  4. Carene says

    I know that one of the condition to entitle 6 days of childcare leave is the child have to be below 7 yrs old. If the child was born on 6/9/2003, how many days of child care leave that the employee can be entitled?
    Your early reply is much appreciated.

    • says

      Parents of Singapore Citizen children, including managerial, executive and confidential staff, will be entitled to six days of paid childcare leave per year per parent until the child turns seven, regardless of the birth order of the child.

      • Carene says

        In view of your replied,the child will be turned 7 yrs old on 6/9/2010, so the calculation of childcare leave entitle is base on prorate basis in year 2010 :-

        (6/12)x8mth( Jan to Aug10) = 4 days.

        The employee will entitle 4 days of childcare leave in year 2010.
        Kindly confirm the above calculation is correct.
        Wait for your reply.

        Thanks very much.

  5. Elaine says

    If the child turn to 7 in 31 March 2010, will the mother of the child entitled for childcare leave for year 2010.

    how many days does she entitled??



  6. Hawk says

    Hi, i started my employment in Oct 2006. I tender in March, my last day is 8 April am i still entitled to my child care leave this year? How many days of child care leave am i entitled this year? As i thought of applying this coming week. Need your advice…

  7. kimethan says

    Hi, my last day on 30 April. How many childcare leave entitlement for me? Thanks.

    Your soonest reply would be much appreciated.

  8. Evelyn Tan says

    Can employee claim for 6 days of child care leaves in a continually and is if employer okay for it, can the employer gets the 3 days reimbursement from the government at the point of time althought now is not the end of the year yet.



  9. Evelyn Tan says

    if employee already claimed all 6 days of child care leave, can the employer put up the claim for the reimbursement of the 3 days from the government now as the year id not end yet.


  10. Beverly says

    Hi, if employee have two children, one age 2 while the other 5 months old, how many days of child care leave is the employee entitled? Is it 42 or 48?

  11. says

    Since an employee is entitled to 6 days childcare leave, can they break it up into all 1/2 day leave each time and consume all the 6 days childcare leave into 12 occasion?

    Can the company set their rules that all childcare leave has to be taken on 1 full day and not 1/2 day leave each time? Pls advise.

    Thank you.

  12. LAW CHIN YEN says

    Dear Sir,

    I am a PR singapore and just gave birth in Malaysia in May 2010. I have worked for 10 years for my company. I would like to know whether i am qualify to get the child care leave and how many days of leave per year?
    Your kind attention and reply will be much appreciated.
    thank You

  13. Lina says

    Hi there

    I’m a single mother with a 09 months old child. Have been working with the compony for 05 months. Do I entitle to the child care leave?

    Thanks and Regard

  14. ESTHER TAN says

    I am a PR.
    If i work in previous company the first half yr up to 30/06/2010.The child care leave had clear up to 2 days .The next half yr i join another new company , am i entitled for another 2 days leave after 3 month confirmation ?

  15. Kimethan says

    Hi, my last day at 30 april. I serve for my new company at 24 May. I’ve apply 2 days child care leave at my previous company but i’ve check the company never claim from goverment. That’s mean, I’still entitled for 6 days childcare leave? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.

  16. Alice says

    Hi, I have an male employee who is working part-time for our company. Can i know how many days of child-care leave is he entitle per year. If he join our company on 6th July 2009 – 31st October 2010.
    Your early reply is greatly appreciated.


  17. Hoo Mei Choo says

    Hi, i m a Singapore PR with 4 kids aged nine,eight,five & two. I have been working at a manufacturing company since last May2010. Recently, i enquired with my company’s HR about my entitlement for childcare leave but was told i m not eligible to any single day.
    I checked the appointment letter and it indeed does not state the entitlement of childcare leave under the benefits.
    So, may i know is it not a MUST for every company here to provide certain no of childcare leave(eg:2 days) to PR ?

  18. Anonymous says

    I would like to enquire about childcare leave and annual leave.
    1) Does MOM allow company to deduct employee salary in their 1st year of employment and pay back only after 1 year of service with the company?

    2) Who can we approach if employee got rejected by employer for childcare leave application?

    I encountered a problem that my current employer told me that she cancelled the word “chilcare” in my leave application. Reason given by her today is that before I join the company, the company do not have such childcare leave for employee. I was forced to take annual leave & got to deduct for salary.

    Unhappy Mum

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