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What makes Donut House donuts different?

Our Mission is to produce the healthier donut to all donut lover. Our donuts are using No Trans Fat oil with Less Sugar, Low Cholesterol product.

Donut House Delivery

Packaging comes in only 1/2 a dozen and no plastic carrier will be provided.

  • 1 Box 1/2 a dozen: $7.50
  • Delivery charge: $5-$10 per location

For delivery please order in 2 days advance with min 10 boxes of half dozen. For order with more than 60 boxes please order in 3 days advance.

  • Payment: Cash Only
  • Fax: 64655898

Donut House Outlet

557 Bukit Timah Road
Crown Centre, #01-12/13
Singapore 268694 


  1. Melissa Romero says:

    I was wondering if you were hiring; if you were located in Fresno. Thanks!

  2. Melissa Romero says:

    Are you guys hiring right now? Do you have a location in Fresno? Thanks!

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