Enmaru, Japan’s No. 1 Izakaya Restaurant, opens in Singapore


Izakaya Restaurant

Izakaya (ee-zah-kah-ya), one of the most prevalent dining practices in Japan, was traditionally popular amongst Japanese businessmen seeking a rustic and lively atmosphere for eating, drinking, chatting and relaxing after work.

Embodying this time-honoured culture, F&B developers PJ Partners, following their success with Salt grill, Ginza Bairin and Takumi Tokyo, now brings Japan’s No. 1 Izakaya restaurant, Enmaru, to Laguna National Golf & Country Club.

Having earned this prestigious title at the Izakaya Koshien 2010 – a nation-wide Izakaya competition in Japan – this new Izakaya restaurant is set to recreate the energy and warmth of Japanese social eating and drinking with a focus on high-quality menu items for sharing within an authentic and stylish environment.

Helming the kitchen is Chef Yoshibaru Inoue, who boasts 10 years of Izakaya restaurant experience in Japan. Chef Inoue draws inspiration from the original Izakaya experience and crafts items which culminate in a menu centered on fresh local ingredients and modern interpretations of traditional Japanese cuisine.



His skills, coupled with a passionate desire to spread Izakaya dining culture, are evident in the variety of a la carte dining options ranging from traditional bites like Mizudako (smoked octopus) to the signature Mentai Dashimaki (Japanese omelette with Cod Fish Roe and Cheese).

“The team is very excited about bringing Japan’s No. 1 Izakaya restaurant to Singapore,” says Takeichi Ryousuke, the Chief Operating Officer of Enmaru Singapore, “While this is not the first Izakaya restaurant in Singapore, we are confident it will differentiate itself from the rest with its great food and a chic and young, yet completely Japanese experience.”

Mochi Chicken Pizza

Mochi Chicken Pizza

Enmaru boasts creative items such as Kaki Kinoko (oyster wrapped with bacon tempura) and Mochi Chicken Pizza (pizza with rice cake and teriyaki chicken).

Additionally, the restaurant also stays faithful to Izakaya staples like Sashimori (assortment of 5 kinds of sashimi), Ikura Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard with salmon roe) and Gobokara (deep fried burdock). The restaurant boasts a comprehensive list of up to 15 varieties of sake and Japanese beer, alongside a selection of wines, highballs, premium whiskeys, shochu, juices, coffee and teas.

“Working in Singapore had presented plenty of opportunities to experiment with a multitude of ingredients. The items on the Enmaru menu combine much-loved Japanese classics with flavours preferable to Singaporeans,” says Chef Inoue. “Local ingredients definitely offer more room for innovation.”

Enmaru was designed by Brocks Interior Design, and cleverly emulates traditional Izakaya restaurants, showcasing a heavy use of bamboo, plaster and solid walnut. Diners also have the choice of sitting at one of the gently lit semi-private dining areas for a more exclusive experience.

Coming hot on the heels of Enmaru is a second excellent Japanese dining destination at Laguna National Golf & Country Club, yakiniku restaurant TEN, slated to open on 7th July.

Flanked by the club’s exuberant foliage, cascading waterfalls and picturesque views, these two restaurants will be strategically adjacent to each other and complement Laguna National Golf & Country Club’s bespoke range of recreational and social facilities. Enmaru and TEN are now open to both the public and Laguna National Golf & Country Club member for lunch and dinne 

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