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kart karting s.pancrazio parma trofeo industrie 2007Go Kart racing or Go karting is a variant of open-wheel motor sport with small, open, four-wheeled vehicles called karts, go-karts, or gearbox/shifter karts depending on the design.

Go Kart with Kart World

Kart World and Jurong Karting Club invested in the proposed facilities to bring go-karting to a higher level and pave the ground for young drivers to practice and race at a top class go karting track in Singapore.

Go Karting is the motor sport for everyone and has been active in Singapore for more than three decades. In spite of the great interest in this form of motor sport, there has not been a permanent track in Singapore until Kart World Pte Ltd opened the track in Jurong in May 1997.

The track at Kart World is the best available option for go-karters in Singapore. The track is designed for karting, with safety in mind. Run off areas with grass alongside the track supported by energy absorbing the tire walls is similar to what is used on many Formula 1 tracks around the world.

Kart World Go Kart Pricing

A 10 minutes’ ride costs you $28 on Fun Kart (160 cc, 8 HP) or $20 for 6-9 Years Old (3-5 HP). Corporate rate is available at $880 per hour.

Kart World Membership Fees
SGD $2,500.00

Track Rental Rates
Weekdays: $25.00
Weekends: $30.00

Kart World Address

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Open Field, 12 Yung Ho Road, Jurong
next to Jurong Super Bowl
Behind (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
Singapore 618596

Kart World Booking & Enquiry: 6266 2555

Opening Hours

Open from 11.00am to 7.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday
Close on Monday, except for public holidays
Corporate Event 11.00 am to 10.00 pm 


  1. Brandon Chong says

    Hello, I tried calling the phone number at 6266 2555 and was informed, not in used. Is the place still operating? If yes, pls email me with full address and contact number soon.

    Thank you.


    Brandon Chong

  2. Briscoe says

    hey, hmm…. could the go karting club in jurong helps to recommand gd riders to a greater achievements level..??

    and are the recruiting a 21 yrs old rider to recommand in so called F1??… coz ya, i haf a great ambition and dream to be an F1 driver representing singapore if im gd and could succeed… i hope… i got no experienced btw… hmmm…..

  3. Eunice Lee says

    Same comment as Brandon Chong in his posting..the number is not in used and there is no listing wtih the telecom. Please advise asap.

    Eunice Lee

  4. MAHMUD says

    Your telephone number until now not in use eversince our Mr Brandon Chong
    comment. Even I myself cannot get thru calling with the same number. Are you interested in running this business or not. Please do somethig with the no For I am getting mad contacting you all.
    Thank You.


  5. Lulu says

    Hi I dont know whthr this info helps but KartWorld was not listed when I checked with the operator. Admin, pls take note.

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