11 March 2011: $34.75 for Flight Simulations on Airbus A320

Would you spend $34.75 for 30 Min SG Flight Simulations on Airbus A320 (Worth $69.50)? It could be fun!

The Wright Brothers, the Red Baron and Amelia Earhart lived a life of peril in the pursuit and promotion of aviation glory, but were hampered by the lack of flight attendants and inflight entertainment. Keep the dream alive with today’s Groupon: for $34.75, you get 30 minutes of SG Flight Simulations on the Airbus A320 Simulator (worth $69.50).

SG Flight Simulations’ nifty Orchard Road locale means aspiring aerial navigators can keep their soles grounded while letting their imagination take flight. Take control of the aircraft as you learn to maneuver your way around. Jet off from Changi, or make a perilous landing on Hong Kong’s Kai Tak. When the going gets tough, the tough turn to their friendly instructors for tips to improve their flying techniques. In this fruitful 30 minutes, you will learn the basics of controlling the A320, and perform a take-off and a manual landing.

The up-to-scale replica of the A320 flight deck and 180 degree screen ensure realistically rendered images and dynamic visuals to enhance your pilot pride. Unclip your wings and spread out into the day, night, rain or sun – SG Flight Simulations’ weather deities will recreate authentic conditions. Call ahead for flight times, check the departure schedule and swan right through security to be one step closer to the jet-setting elite.

  • Fly an Airbus A320
  • Choose from a variety of international cities and settings
  • Guided by friendly instructors
  • 180 degree round visuals system
  • Convenient Orchard location

Source: Groupon


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