Heavy Rain Warning SMS alert service

If you live in Singapore, you can subscribe to the Heavy Rain Warning SMS alert service and you will receive alerts via SMS when heavy rain is expected over north, south, east, west, central.

How Heavy Rain Warning SMS Works

Subscribers will receive an SMS alert from the Meteorological Service Singapore (National Environment Agency) whenever heavy rain is expected to affect Singapore. The SMS alert will contain information which includes where heavy rain will be expected, and tidal change data should high tide coincide with heavy rainfall. Another SMS will be sent to subscribers if heavy rain is no longer expected or has ceased.

The Heavy Rain Warning information is also available on the NEA website and via RSS Feeds.

To unsubscribe, you have to reply “U” to the SMS alert that you received.

How High Water Level Alert Works

As part of its comprehensive drainage management and control, PUB has installed 93 sensors in key canals and drains to track the water levels. By end of 2011, the total number of sensors will increase to 150.

Subscribers will receive progressive SMS alerts if the water level in the selected canal rises above 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% of the canal’s depth. Separate SMS alerts will be sent to subscribers to inform them when the water level recedes gradually to below 50%.

To change the subscribed sensor location, you have to re-subscribe at this webpage.

To complete the subscription, the public has to key in a 7-digit PIN number which will be sent to them on their mobile phones in the process of registration.

Subscribe at PUB website

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