Bella Pizza: Authentic Italian Pizza in Singapore

pizzaWhen anyone thinks about Italian food, there’s little doubt that the golden couple of pizza and pasta jumps into mind immediately. And now you can taste the fresh authentic creations of Chef Antonio Manetto in his new venture, Bella Pizza.

A cosy little restaurant snuggled in a quiet corner of Robertson Quay, Bella Pizza’s location is convenient for those who want to pop down to the clubs for a night of drinking and dancing but still retains sufficient privacy for those who’re after a quiet evening wining and dining.

Bella Pizza’s riverside view of smooth waters banked by gentle greenery and flowing under one of Singapore’s most historic bridges is also sure to charm the eyes and help improve the appetite!

Food at Bella Pizza

Chef-AntonioTrue to the name of his new restaurant which means beautiful pizza, Chef Antonio aims to create the best-tasting pizzas in Singapore, using the freshest ingredients and all the skills, experience and passion he can bear onto the task. The majority of the menu stars pizzas and according to his tidy ways, is neatly split into red pizzas, which have a tomato sauce base; white pizzas, which have a purely cheese base; calzones, which are folded pizzas “that look a bit like curry puffs” according to Chef Antonio; and barcas, Bella Pizza’s specialities.

Barca means boat, which describes exactly what they are. A ball of pizza dough is first flattened, then folded into a boat-like shape that catches the pizza sauce and melted cheese into a steaming hot savoury heart. “The barca is very very good, but nobody in Singapore that I know of has ever introduced them here yet,” muses Chef Antonio. Currently, Bella Pizza offers two toppings for the barcas – one with sausage and sweet sautéed onions, and the other draped in savoury Parma ham.

It’s also interesting to note that Bella Pizza openly offers their customers the option of making any of their white and red pizzas into a calzone for their customers at no extra charge, something seldom seen in other restaurants. Chef Antonio believes this to be part of good customer service, and is what he hopes to offer as part of the entire dining experience in his restaurant.

Though pizzas constitute the major portion of the carefully created menu, there are other stars that should definitely be given a try.

The Portobello Ripieno, a Portobello mushroom stuffed with other mushrooms and a touch of cream, is already a firm crowd favourite. Its earthy flavour is intensified and simultaneously balanced by the smooth porcini mushroom sauce. It may look innocent sitting on its bed of tender baby spinach leaves, but don’t be fooled: the first bite will addict even those who think of mushrooms as merely a form of edible fungi.

The Fagottino di Bufala is a fabulous interpretation of the ordinary buffalo mozzarella and tomato starter. Chunks of buffalo mozzarella and fresh diced tomatoes are wrapped neatly in Parma ham and served on a bed of rocket leaves or arugula. The explosion of flavour in this modest little package is astonishing: a blend of mild milkiness and bright juicy freshness given depth with salty-sweet savouriness and gentle bitterness.

The pastas are also head-turners.

The Fettuccine con Salsiccia e Tartufo has also garnered diehard fans. Loops of freshly made pasta are coated in a soft, light creamy sauce and studded with savoury sausage pieces. Shavings of black truffle are carefully added to impart their opulent, luscious aroma and lift this dish to a whole new level.

End the meal on a sweet note with their wonderful desserts! The Crepe alla Nutella con Banane, Tiramisù and Pannacotta are traditional goodies, and here they’re an unabashed nod to the Italian penchant for sumptuous desserts that have light-as-air textures.

Bella Pizza Review

Apparently different people have different taste; someone loves Bella Pizza,

I love this place.

My first time there was about half a year ago on my way to a club. I have gone there ever since. They had the best Pizza that I have ever had in Singapore. You will now even need a reservation to go there because it is now getting quite popular. I was also there on valentine day and realized it was the only place near Clarke Quay that has any good food and music.

It was just nice and soft music with quiet people and man I think it is the only thing my girlfriend liked that day that didn’t cost me a fortune. I even had my birthday party there and all my friends loved it there and can never stop talking about it. So if you want fine dining and Italian food you should go there.

But, Bella Pizza is just another pizza for some people:

Heard lots of great reviews about this place, and supposedly the best pizza place in Singapore. We started out (just two of us) with a portabello mushroom and parmiggiana as starters – must say I was annoyed to see both dishes being popped into the microwave before beng served to us.

Pizzas are ok, better than average, with nice crispy crusts, but as I ordered the Diavola, I was disappointed with the salami, which tasted old.

I would say the place is not as good as my friends tell me, I will still go back to my old place on east coast for the best pizza in town (so far), with fresh products, and no microwaves in sight….

Anyway, the overall review for Bella Pizza is quite good; it’s definitely something pizza lovers must try.

Bella Pizza Restaurant Details

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Address: 30 Robertson Quay #01-14 Riverside View
Tel: (65) 6734 0139
Fax: (65) 6734 0652

Seating Capacity: 5 (bar); 30 (indoors);
22 (outdoors)
Private Room: None, but indoors area may be reserved for private functions

Operating hours
Tuesday to Friday: 11.30am to 2.30pm; 6pm to 11pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: 11.30am to 11.30pm
Monday: Closed except public holidays

Source: Bella Pizza

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