I Will Contest: Win MacBook Pro, Sony Vaio W, Wii, iPod touch, Movie Tickets

Color InsideTotal Defence 2010 takes the theme of self reflection forward into personal action with “I Will”.

Singapore is home. There are many things we can do to protect our home and way of life. It could be learning a life-saving skill, conserving energy, donating blood, or simply making a decision to be more friendly and welcoming to people different from yourself. It starts with two simple words: “I Will”.

Think about your “I Will”, post it here, and stand to win great prizes!

From January, ZoCards will be available island-wide. Pick up an “I Will” ZoCard, fill it up, send it back to Nexus and share it with Singapore.

I Will support Singaporean brands.
I Will teach my children to respect their elders.
I Will consciously divide my garbage into what’s recyclable and what’s not.
I Will make sure I pass my IPPT every year.
I Will go on at least one heritage trail this year to find out more about Singapore.
I Will support the Singapore Lions in good times and bad.
I Will root for Team Singapore in the upcoming YOG.
I Will…

What will you do?

Tell your family, your friends and the world about your “I Will” – send it to us in the form of text, pictures and/or videos, and go the extra mile to fulfill your pledge together with like-minded Singaporeans and friends!

To spur you and your gang into action, we are offering some fabulous prizes worth $8,000 if you post your “I Will” between 15 December 2009 and 15 March 2010.


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  1. Georgejet Kotee says

    I will keep donating money with my family each year to the poor parts of Singapore. I am part Singaporean therefore I am very proud to be one.
    I will try my best when I’m older to build a shelter in Singapore for the homeless and less fortunate.
    I will support Singapore through the good and the bad :)


    god bless.

  2. Sylvan Heally says

    I will remember my great mother earth,
    our great provider. If I lose her I lose everything.
    I will look at the trees and be in the breeze.
    I will flow with the river and hear the rain.
    I will be grateful for what I have.
    I will be open to receiving love
    I will Love.
    I will be connected to all that flows in love.
    I will be Sylvan Heally

  3. JaimeM says

    I will dedicate my life to make someone and something better.
    I will fight with the power within me to make a greater difference.
    I will prepare to be the answer of my questionable family.
    I will be the one to reach out even when my arms are gone.
    I will be the one to love unconditionally with time.
    I will be the one who smiles even when the rest of the world is crying, because I know tears are a reminder of relieving pain, hate and fear.
    I will be the one you want to thank;
    and most of all,
    I will be the one who God knows was worth giving a second chance at life.

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