Kate Spade Singapore Warehouse Sale: 6-8 Nov 2009

Pucci Handbag Cake SlicedKate Spade Singapore is having a warehouse sale from November 6th to 8th (up to 70% discounts). Kate Spade handbags have been featured frequently in the sitcom Just Shoot Me (whose cast included Ms. Spade’s brother-in-law, David Spade) as the favored purse of the former fashion model character Nina Van Horn, played by Wendie Malick. Ladies, you don’t want to miss this promotion.

Kate Spade Singapore Warehouse Sale Location

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65 ubi crescent #06-07 hola centre

Kate Spade Singapore Store Location

raffles city
#01-23/24, raffles city shopping centre
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
tel: 65 6338 0969 


  1. Jennifer says

    A bit disappointed as the bags are sold out by 12noon on first day of sale (06.11.09). So-call “Warehouse sale” has so limited stocks and the organiser displayed such big banner outside Ubi Techpark to tell the publicabout the sale. Alot people took cabs down to Ubi but went back empty-handed. The organiser put a notice to say that next sale is in dec. Really sad & disappointed.

  2. Candie says

    Very Very DISAPPOINTED, we took a cab from Shenton Way all the way down to the “Warehouse Sale” and all the items were being sold! We felt being cheated to be lured to a sale where all the items were sold out in just 2 hours!

  3. Joyous Lake says

    What noon… It was empty, cleaned out by 10 am. Traffic was piling up on the freeway.

    Not the type of WAREHOUSE sale which I am familiar with.

  4. Mohd says

    Sent my wife at 0930 am and bags were sold out.
    What a shame and they said shop open at 0900 am.
    Overheard : Already open the sale on 05/11/09 to a private group.
    Not sure if it is true though ….

  5. Jas says

    Very sad and disappointed!
    I was there at 915am! Nothing was left there.
    Read about only CASH terms, thus I went to ATM and withdrew more cash, then now have to go and re-deposit!
    All I received was just a S$10 voucher for the next sales. Not going to trust thus Haute Avenue anymore.
    I better go to another lady whom does sales at her house. More trustworthy and her stocks are much much more then this Haute Avenue.
    Good luck to all whom trust this Haute Avenue.

  6. cola says

    Is this a genuine Kate Spade warehouse sales or just some guys who buys from US Kate Spade Factory Outlets to resell in Singapore to make quick bucks? Cos they claim next sale is in early dec ( after Thanksgiving holiday.. are they going US to reload items ?)..will check with Kate spade store at raffles city tomorrow to confirm how genuine it is..

  7. cola says

    seems like not an official Kate Spade Warehouse Sale…have just found the organiser’s website. They help to source bags from brands A-Z. In that case , might as well get friends in US or going to US to buy for me on models i want. no wonder sold out so fast…how many items can they buy and resell to be like a scale of real Kate Spade Warehouse Sale…waste my time..but probably from the overwhelming response ,they may buy more pieces to be their Kate Spade Warehouse Sale for the coming one..but no thanks for me !

  8. says

    We would like to extend our gratitude to all our customers for turning up and making our 6-8 Nov sales event such a success. More importantly, we would like to humbly apologise to all customers who attended our sales event but were not able to make any purchases. We did not expect the magnitude of the turnout and thus were not able to serve all of you adequately.

    Our November event was actually meant to cater to a select audience from our private mailing database and our facebook friends. We did not realise that our promotional email had been forwarded to thousands of customers beyond our planned mailing list. Regretably our presale the day before, which was initially meant for a small group, saw 80% of our stocks sold, and subsequently all our stocks being sold out on the first day of our event within an hour of the opening. The overwhelming response was truly beyond our wildest imagination. That said, we are bitterly saddened that we had disappointed and unwittingly let a lot of you down. Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience we caused.

    We are glad that we hosted a more successful 3-5 Dec sale and were given an opportunity to redeem ourselves. Looking at the postive feedbacks we received from our friends and fans on facebook, we would like to think we have learnt our lesson well. See the feedbacks on: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=feed&id=100000401974452&story_fbid=102505006439565#/profile.php?ref=name&id=100000401974452

    Hope you can give us another chance to make it up to you at our next sale. Join us on facebook to be updated on our future events.

    Thank you.

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