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KFC Delivery

KFC Delivery

Singapore KFC Home Delivery

For cash orders above $80 and Visa/MasterCard orders above $200, please call 6222 6111. For any orders more than 4 days in advance, please call 6222 6111. Otherwise, KFC online ordering service is from 10:30am to 11pm.

Delivery Number: 6222-6111

Order KFC Online Service

1. You need to register first at KFC online if you haven’t.


2. Login and order your KFC meal.

It may take about 60 minutes for the order to arrive unless you order over $80, which would take longer. In general, KFC online ordering takes five steps:

  1. Your details
  2. Delivery details
  3. Menu
  4. Payment
  5. Confirm order

In KFC delivery menu, you can select either combos or A la carte.


Your order must meet the minimum order requirement of $12 (before delivery surcharge). Otherwise, you can’t proceed to the payment step. The delivery surcharge is $3; and, you need to pay GST for your delivery order.

The information below may be outdated.

KFC Delivery Terms & Conditions

  • Choice of chicken parts is subject to availability. Standard parts comprise 1 breast, 2 thighs, 2 drumsticks, 2 ribs and 2 wings.
  • For orders above $200, please call 2 hours in advance.
  • Meal deals are while stocks last and not valid for dine-in or takeaway.
  • Payment by cash, Visa or Mastercard Credit Cards only.
  • Prices are inclusive of GST. Prices and information are effective with immediate effect and subject to change without notification.
  • Limited to KFC Delivery areas only. KFC Delivery may be temporarily unavailable in selected areas due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Pick up service will be made available in such instances.
  • Certain areas will have differing minimum order requirements. 2-in-1 delivery with Pizza Hut is not available.
  • Visuals shown are for illustration purposes only.

KFC Delivery Singapore Minimum Order Requirement

Minimum order of $100 is applicable to the following areas & areas surrounding them:

  • Neo Tiew
  • Lim Chu Kang
  • Mandai Road
  • Changi Airport Terminal

Minimum order of $50 is applicable to the following area & areas surrounding it:

  • Changi Airport Cargo Complex

KFC Delivery Menu

You can find the KFC delivery menu here:


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  1. David.S (Management office) says

    It has been brought to our attention recently that your delivery man rode his motorcycle out of the estate using the entrance of the basement carpark.

    This will endanger the driver of incoming vehicles.Please be informed that such act is Strictly Prohibited.

    In view of the above, we need your co-operation to advise your delivery men to use the proper route to exit the estate

  2. Lena says

    For the attention of Agnes Franco

    Dear Agnes
    As spoken to you on 2 October. Please let me know the outcome of the extra charge of $32.60 “transacted” in my visa statement when there was no purchase made.

    Please let me know as soon as possible.
    Thank you/Lena 6882 4921

  3. Lena Tan says

    I had a very bad experience with KFC recently 2 days ago..

    This was my encounter:
    I had called to place an order on 16 Oct, 12.15pm, and was told by my order will reach at 1.05pm. However, at 1.15pm, I received a call from KFC asking me to confirm my order. I was very upset, and asked the call centre staff what had went wrong, but he kept asking me my order., despite my questioning what has gone wrong with my order. He kept going on and on and on.. and then asked for my credit card details which I already provided when I first made my order. By then I was already fuming.. and told him I am no longer interested anymore and requested to cancel my order – which he said ok and apologized.
    Then i called up and requested to speak to the mgr. And a supervisor answered my call. I told him abt my encounter and he said he will ask the outlet mgr to contact me, and he asked if my order was processed. I told him I had cancelled.

    To my surprise, I received a call at 1.45pm when I was having my lunch. The caller asked for my credit card details, which I questioned him why. I refused to provide and wondered why would they need it when my order was cancelled. And i further emphasized that I had already cancelled my order and therefore I do not want to provide my credit card details. And he was like, oh you had cancelled your order?
    Guess what? When I was out for lunch, my order arrived!!!! But fortunately my colleague who had overheard my commotion with KFC staff rejected the delivery.

    And for all you know, this is not the first encounter with staff calling to confirm my orders when the food was supposed to arrive.

    I am really very disappointed with the service of KFC.I left a feedback cum complaint on the website but there was no update since. The supervisor on duty told me that he will ask the outlet manager to contact me. But also no calls since. I am wondering if they are thinking that the case will be swept under the carpet, or gone with the wind.

    But chanced upon this webiste, and think I should leave my comments here. I believe some of out there might have the same experience.

    Ha, I wonder if there will ever be a reply!

  4. Anton says

    Similar experience with Lena. Didn’t know about KFC delivery problem until experienced it first hand.

    My very first order (today), experience is already bad.

    Ordered 5.30pm, promised to reach 6.20pm. At 7.30pm, I called and ask why haven’t send. Gave reason its raining. Acceptable, no problem.

    Food reached cold, wet with condensation, the paper box is severely warped and out of shape, the chicken is spongy. If give you free, you also won’t want to eat, unless its famine.

    Told the delivery man this cannot make it. Delivery man said not his fault, items were packed and raining he couldn’t make the delivery. Fair reason, not his fault indeed, fault lies with the company’s system. Delivery man apologized anyway.

    Called the call center, branch manager called back, apologized, said will sent new order plus add 4 pieces more within 10 mins.

    Arrived at 15min, piping hot, more pieces as promised, sent by a more courteous and friendly looking delivery old uncle.

    Ok, a delayed dinner, some inconvenience thats all. No hooligan behavior encountered by other Singaporeans, they don’t dare to pull such stunt on me either, coz I look more like a bully than they do.

    The KFC delivery system got flaws. They should change it, or change their CEO. They should learn from other companies doing it successfully, or suffer a bad name in the long run.

  5. Ng Chong Seng says

    My KFC order through Mr Yusoff was a breeze.
    Courteous man who answer patiently to my enquiry.
    Great job, thanks Yusoff

  6. Otoo2 says

    My last attempt to order KFC was last Sunday @ 8pm. I was told that the delivery would arrived in 2 hours’ time. My Goodnesss, really ridiculous because my order was less than $20!!!! I gave up, and eventually order Mxxwings.. and that arrived in half an hour.

  7. VN says

    I bought a chicky meal with large whipped potato, large colesaw and 3pcs chicken at Serangoon Central Express on 190809 at 1800hr and only found when i reach home there isn’t any toy.
    My little son was very disppointed. I tried to get the contact no of the outlet but it is not available anyway.
    Such cases what is the process, how can we get contact no? Was the stk run out? Anyway to get the toy.Well its afterall a small kid who wants a spongebob.No issue but would apperciate if u could reply to me.
    Thank U & Rgds

    • says

      Hi VN,

      I understand your frustrations. KFC Delivery should have done it better. I just tried to help you get this from their website:

      For feedback and enquiries regarding delivery orders, please call 6222 6111.

      Please try and keep us posted.


  8. Shirley says


    This is the first time that i ever met such a rude manager before. Sylvia Yeo from Hougang Point KFC. I was queuing up to purchase my order when i happen to saw this incident. A customer ahead of me ordered quite a huge order and i think probably the customer made a wrong order, so she intend to cancel some orders. As what i know, when cancelations of orders being made, managers are suppose to assist the staff by helping cancel. This lady, Sylvia Yeo, appearred in front of the counter with a unpleasant face. She even raised her voice to her staff in front of the counter. That’s not the staff’s fault. After cancelling the order, Sylvia went to the other counter when the other staff told her that he wanted to go toilet. She raised her voice again and told him to complete the long queue first before he go. I don’t think as a manager, she should do this. Her attitude is superb terrible. She never had a smile on her face when attending to a customer. And this is not the first time that i went to this outlet. I had ever seen her take order from customers before and she never attend to them properly. I supposed that to become a manager, they suppose to go thru lots of service training and all, but why is this type of person becoming manager when someone else out there can do better then her. I don’t think she’s fit to be in that post.

    I think i need to get a explanation on this asap if not i think this website is just wasting people’s time writing comments here.


  9. yogo partono says

    Dengan hormat
    Personalia,KFC Delivery

    Dengan ini saya mengajukan surat lamaran kerja di KFC delivery
    agar dapat berkerja di perusahaan tersebut,saya harap bisa di pertimbangkan.

    Alamat : Jl.Cempaka putih barat 21 komplek set-neg
    Jakpus 10520
    Lulusan : SMU pgri 6
    SIM : A dan C
    Tggl/lahir : jakarta,250188
    Tinggi/berat badan : 172/80kg { olahragawan }
    Tlp : 021-97185978

    Demikianlah surat ini saya buat dengan sebenar-benarny,saya harap bisa dapat berkerja di perusahaan Bapak/ibu.Terimakasih

  10. says

    I had a very good experience at KFC home delivery recently..

    I had called for my order at 5:13pm. The operator informed that the delivery time would be at 6:15pm, fair enough considering it is christmas eve day. 25mins later at around 5:40pm, the doorbell rang, and its the delivery man, I was shocked as i do not expect it would be so fast. I commented at him for his fast service, and he cheekily say that bang, cepat, tak dapat bende ke?, translation” Bro, fast get something?, i which i gave him a $3 tips which he deserved it.

  11. mona says

    Hi, i would like to comment Mdm Choo Bee who gave a very good service when i place my order. She event gave me 1 extra bag to put all my things in one so that it will be easier for me to carry. She”s so thouhgtfull . Thanks to Mdm Choo Bee.

    • says

      I think we need people like Mdm Choo Bee who loves their jobs and share happiness in the work as well as mona who appreciate the good service.

  12. Jesslynn says

    KFC’s order hotline – 6222 6111 is not very efficient. There is no holding tone and i do not if my line has been cut-off or i am still being on hold. Can you all please do something to this?

    In addition, the online ordering would be great if there is an additional column stating the customer’s desired delivery time.

    Thank you.

  13. Christina Wong Wai Har says

    This is the first time that i ever met such a rude manager before at Potong Pasir Branch. My son and his friends went to ask for some plain water. However, what a rude manager they met. The incident happened on Sat (28/08/2010) at 6.00pm+ and my son told me that they r surprised that the manager was so rude. Even though they are not entiltled to any free drink. Please be more polite to the young as i don want them to learn such attitude from the floor manager. And also remember that we are not beggars to beg from drink. I would like to know more to the incident as we did patronised the KFC quite offen. I can be contact at hp:82285514/96906112. Thank you

  14. Ogster says

    I had a very BAD experience from KFC tonight, here’s the letter I sent to KFC via their website:


    Re: Online Order#27047 / Receipt Order # 116-000050

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I’d like to complain about the rudeness of your delivery man.

    Background: After arriving home from my office, I ordered online at 6:51pm and was quoted that the delivery time is an hour later, which is 7:51pm. Knowing this, I took a shower. Unknown to me, the delivery man was already at my doorstep at approximately 7:15pm. He tried to ring me twice (HP# is 83150606) but since I’m in the bathroom, I didn’t get the call (my mobile is on vibrate mode). When I was already rinsing (approximately 7:20pm), I heard shouts from the delivery man outside the HDB building so I shouted back that I’m coming out. Upon opening my door, I was profusely apologetic and explained to him that I was in the toilet, hence, the delay. At this stage, the driver berated me with arrogant remarks that he had been standing at my door for a while and he had tried to call my mobile “multiple times”. Again, I tried to explain that I was in the toilet. Still, he was angrily berating me. At this point, I lost my composure and told him that I’ll report him. I asked for his name, but he didn’t gave it (which is expected).

    Just after the incident, I called your hotline number to report the aforementioned, however, I was only told that the next time I order, they won’t send the same driver. Really? Is that the way you remedy this issue?!

    KFC is In a service-oriented industry and this unruly behaviour of your driver degrades the reputation of your company. And I feel personally slighted by this incident, hence, I ask you to reprimand the driver in a way that this incident won’t happen again to other customers.

    If I don’t hear anything from you soon, I will be forced to report this to the media. Thanks.

    Best Regards,”


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