Win an ticket to Australian Open 2011

KIA Smile online contest

Kia Motors is thrilled to welcome you to the Australian Open Tennis Championship 2011.

Since 2002, Kia Motors has been a proud sponsorship partner of the Australian Open. In 2011, the superb performance of the participating players and the enthusiastic support from their fans will no doubt bring the Grand Slam of Asia/Pacific to the next level.

Come and participate in the ‘Kia Smile’ campaign by sharing your stories, and experience the Australian Open 2011 up close and personal. Just tell us a story about an event in your life involving a vehicle, yourself, and one other person.

Any story that puts a big smile on your face will do. Kia Motors will then bring the most inspiring stories to an online vote on Facebook, and send the two final winners our award tickets to the Australian Open.

Kia Motors 

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