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  1. Lucia Tung says:

    What are the requirement for renewal Malaysian Passport? what sorts of document to bring? Thanks

    • 1: The passport photo must measure 2-by-2.75 inches (50-by-70 mm)

      2: Download the Malaysian passport form, available from the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

      3: Proof of Malaysian citizenship, including an original and photocopies of your Malaysian national ID card and birth certificate.

      4: Take your signed forms, passport photos and supporting documents to the Malaysian consulate on the date of your passport appointment. Upon submitting your form, you must pay for your passport fees. As of 2009, this cost is $300 Malaysian ringgits (MYR).

      • Sally, for application for renewal of international pp,do i need an appointment and if yes how to make one. photo size stated 3.5x5cm ok? how can i get a form in english? thanks

  2. I would like to know what is the age limit for maids in Malaysia.

    My Filippino maid is 49 years old and I would like her to work in my dad’s home in Kl.

  3. yuriko lam says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    May I know how to apply Malaysia visa in Singapore for a Taiwanese?

    Appreciate your reply asap.

    Thanks & regards,

  4. alex quo says:

    May i know how can i become a malaysia citizenship? I am a singaporean now.

  5. pls advise from where can get the Malaysian passport form.

    need to spend whole day time to renew the passport?

    pls advise

  6. I have a question, i am singaporean, my husband is malaysian.we will be ROM in singapore can we declare thru malaysia embassy or we must go back to malaysia and ROM again?


  7. if my malaysia ic lost can apply here or must go back malaysia apply?

    • Hi Cherrie,

      I lost my Malaysia IC too, currently I am working in SG. May i know what are the procedures do i need to need in order to apply for my new ic??do i need to get back to malaysia to apply or i can apply it here at malaysia embassy in singapore?? Pls advise.

  8. Please advise what is the procedure if i lost my marriage cert, and i need replacement of marriage cert?

  9. Chris Tay says:

    I plan to give birth in Singapore early Oct-10.
    What are the documents required to apply for new passport for my child?
    How long will it take to process the passport as I wish to go back Malaysia asap.

  10. edmund kong says:

    I want to extend my passport but i don’t have my birth cert with me now, so is that possible for me to extend it?

  11. michelle boey says:

    I had give birth in Singapore past August-2010.
    What are the documents required to apply for new passport for my child?
    How long will it take to process the passport as I wish to go back Malaysia asap.
    Do my child need to apply Identity Card, before apply Passport or?

  12. mohammed Waheedullah Khan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am traveling with my family from Hyderabad (India) to Singapore Via KL in Air Aisa Flight.
    My flight from hyderabad(India) will be arriving at KL air port at 11:30 AM and my out bond singapore is available at 3:00 PM on the same day.
    (My position is I am on a work permit in singapore)
    My Question is : Do I and my family need to have valid Malaysian for this travel

    awaiting your reply.

    Thanks & Regards

    Mohammed Waheedullah

  13. i am an indian citizen with indian passport.. i am working in singapore holding an spass at present. i would like to visit malaysia for less than a week,do i need visa to enter malaysia? if so,how long does the prosessing takes place oncce applied?

  14. police station pending my case and hold my passport already 3weeks,now in Singapore cannot work also cannot back to Malaysia,what should i do if i really need back to Malaysia,My baby and wife waiting gor me……………and my company hold my 2 months salary and comission……now at Singapore almost want to die already…..Please help!!!!!!!

  15. chua joke meng says:

    on 12/09/10 myself/granddaughter/son and maid we drive to johore via woodland immigration at the check point after the officer stamp our passport she notice that the maid is from myanmar and told us she need a visa which we do not know so she bring us to see a senior officer and they give the maid a lettter to return back to singapore, the officer show us the way to drive back to singapore without passing thru any check point but when we arr home we notice that our 3 passports and departure card are still with us. Therefore, please advise do we still need to stamp our passport for return and return the white card.

  16. Jessie Chin says:

    Do I need to make an appointment for international passport renewal? Can I do it without an appointment? Who do I call to make the appoin tment? Thank you

  17. ong yoke moi says:

    what documents needed / procedure for renounciation of my malaysian citizenship.
    my three sons age 6,4 and 2 had granted to register as singapore citizens as well, what document/ procedure like…….

  18. I am Malaysian, my husband is Singaporean, we already ROM in singapore, so that we need to back Malaysia declare again in malaysia embassy?

  19. nurfatihah says:

    I’m getting married to a Singaporean. As a muslim, Malaysian JAKIM requires us to seek a letter of permission for him to marry a Malaysian from the Embassy or the Immigration. How do I get this letter? Do I need to make an appointment?

  20. Hi,

    My husband lost his Malaysia IC. Can he replace at Spore or have to go back to Malaysia to replace?

  21. I want to renew my international passport. Do I need to bring along my original Birth Certificate?

  22. Wong Choon Siong says:

    I am currently Malaysian with Singapore PR, plan to go Australia Work Holiday Scheme. Can I apply through Malaysia embassy in Singapore?

  23. my passport Expiry on Jul 2011, may i know when was the early date i can renewal my passport or can i renewal now?

  24. Hi..i’ve been trying to apply work permit in singapore but rejected. No reason given by MOM(singapore).. For your info, i’m Sarawakian….

  25. Chan Pay Fun says:

    I’m Malaysian holding Singapore PR, my husband is a Singaporean. We ROM in Singapore, and already declare to Malaysia Embassy in Singapore. Both of us are work in Singapore and we have two children born in Singapore. Can i apply the Long Term Visit Pass for them to stay in Malaysia as my mother are take care of them in Malaysia.

  26. HI, I held Chinese passport and singapore employment pass,now working in singapore,what is the requirement for me to apply the tour visa of malaysia and how can i apply? i alrealy booked the flight back form kuala lumper to singapore. but from singapore to malaysia i will take bus. thanks.

  27. Hi, I am Malaysian, I would like to renew my passport, may I know High Commission of Malaysia, Singapore will open on 27.12.2010?
    Your prompt reply will be much appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards.

  28. Hi, for Malaysians who want to renew their passports in Singapore. Do they need to have a valid work pass to be able to renew their passports here in Singapore? Also, if a valid work pass is required for the renewal, is there a minimum no. of years holding onto the valid work pass to be able to renew here?

  29. Hi
    Good afternoon, May I check a Malaysian travel to Taiwan need to apply for any Visa


  30. Dear: sir/madam.

    Hi.. I’m a Malaysian (Singapore PR) and staying in Singapore, my Malaysian passport going to expired on Feb 2011.
    My Question: How could I renew or extend my passport at Malaysia embassy in Singapore and how long its will take?
    what document do i need to bring along?
    Do I need to apply visa if I travel to Indonesia once I renew or extend my passport?

    Ned your kindly advise urgently…


  31. lim lee feng says:

    How i need to do for translations for my diploma in english.

  32. hi i was in jb in 1961, holding singapore citizen, i would like to go back to malayasia and become a malayasian citizen pls advise. thanks

  33. I am a Singaporean, what is the maximum period that I can stay in Malaysia with a Singapore International passport?

  34. My daughter is a Malaysian living in Singapore. I had misplaced her birth cert. Can i replace her birth cert in the embassy?

  35. May I know how to apply Malaysia visa in Singapore ??? from pakistan ……..

  36. sir / madam . may i know how can i apply malaysia visa in singapore pakistani passport ???????????

  37. I’m Spore PR, I have recently misplaced my Passport in Spore. I’d to confirm the procedure to reapply the passport. I assume it’s different and much more difficult than to renew the Passport.

    Anyone can advise what are needed and how long?

    A Liew

  38. May I know how to apply Malaysia visa in Singapore ??? from Sri Lanka ……..

  39. Anonymous says:

    HI i would like to know, how can i get my birth certificate. Because originally i was born in malaysia, but my parents and siblings are singaporeans. My b irth certificate from johor bahru was long ago lost. How do i get it back, because i’m now a singaporean. Do i nedd to go down personally to JB, and extract a copy of the Birth cert? or can i just go to singapore malaysian embassy??? Pls Help!!!! 

  40. I wan to certified true copy of my malaysia degree transcript…can it be done in the embassy?? thanks

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