Apply for MACS Pass if You Travel Frequently to Malaysia

If you (Singapore citizens) have recently entered Malaysia at least 4 times in a month, you can apply for a special MACS pass which allows clearance through either Woodlands or Tuas checkpoint without having to fill up the white immigration card.

With the Malaysia Automated Clearance System (MACS) pass – a sticker embedded with a Radio Frequency Identification chip that is stuck in the passport, you can zip through immigration clearance in Malaysia without worrying if their passport has been stamped.

The scope of MACS facility is expanded to Singapore Citizens who has
been issued with the relevant long term immigration pass and
frequently travel within Malaysia and Singapore for the purpose of
working, studying and staying in Malaysia.

MACS pass costs RM30 (S$12.50) and is valid for one year. Spouses and children of frequent travellers can also apply for the pass.

How to Apply for MACS Pass

Application forms are available online at Immigration Malaysia’s web site
at and at Iskandar Malaysia’ s web site at (only for applicants involved in Iskandar
Malaysia). Hardcopy forms can also be obtained at the MACS One Stop
Center (OSC).

Completed application forms must be printed, verified by the Malaysian
sponsor and endorsed by the IRDA representative (only applicable for
MACS – Iskandar Malaysia applicant).

Submission of application forms (and relevant supporting documents)
shall be made to the respective MACS One Stop Center. MACS –
Iskandar Malaysia applicants are required to submit the completed
application forms at IRDA’s office.

Applicants are required to be self-present during application process. 

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  1. leo says

    Hi. This MACS is only for study, working & staying in Msia. How abt for shopping or visiting? Every week abt 2 times in Msia for shopping also can apply? If can i dun mind apply for it. But can this MACS also be used for travelin by car? Use for minimising travel stamp is great!!

      • says

        Please advise what forms to dowload for this MACS card. Is it I hve to download the Visit Pass Application Form. Do I need to apply for a visa. I travel to Malaysia every Friday and stay until Sunday as I have a house in JB, my husband travels to JB every day to go to our house. Do I have to get a sponsor to apply for this MACS card? Please advise. I really need to know what form to download and print for this MACS card.

        • som says

          hamidah you have not mentioned your nationality. if you are a singapore you do not need to apply for a visa.
          sponsorship is required for people who apply for MACS at the Tuas ICQ for work related purposes. social travellers do not need sponsorship.go this site:

          the left corner is where the application form icon is. the application for will automatically download when your press that icon.
          should not be a problem.

  2. AJ says

    Hi all,

    Fo take note that you are to fill up online application for the MACS upon completion print the forms together with 1 photograph and bring it to the JB Immigration (the one by Woodlands Causeway) level 2 ‘MACS One Stop Center’. Only forms which you applied online with register no will be process. So don’t forget do it online before you make your way down.

    • Wty says

      AJ, you are right, Apply online, print out, paste your picture and get ready RM30/..Q at lvl 2. What they need is the registration no. for referral. If you use the form, They ask you to come back another day or if their PC is not down, you may ask permission to use it. password and paper to print out given by the staff..
      EverY1, Best if we have this mac card as sometime during their staff changing shift, they even close most of the counter. as malaysian they don’t need to stamp, for singapore, hv to stamp. with this mac card, u dun have to worry about stamping.
      Wonder when they going to change their system,
      like staff have to wait for another staff to hand over the shift duty, before they go off,rather then just MOst of the ocunter CLOSE, Some of those have to stamp the passpost have to wait there for the staff to start work, and those behind waiting and coz JAM….
      Hope The Malaysia/Johore-cozway Immigration change and monitor closely. in order to clear the JAM.

  3. Richard says

    Hello, how can i get a long term pass in malaysia if I am only a EP holder in singapore? My purpose is I want to live in Johor bahru while working in singapore. Also while I am processing the papers of my wife to enter here in singapore I am planning to get rent a room in JB and everyday I will just travel to sg to work. Any suggestion? thanks

  4. chong choo yoon says

    I can’t fill up the form on line. When I download to desktop also cannot key in. Please advise on the steps to apply. Tks.

  5. andrew says

    just got MACS! call up to check system ok b4 u go, i filled up online form but told to fill up fresh form, dun need online, can get form at counter, need 1 photo, RM$30, 4 trip in a mth, even Pri6 son got it, less than 30mins. commuter will passby the OSS, green signboard, for driver park at city sq, walk over, remember bring ic to exchange pass.

  6. Daud Aziz says

    Dear Sir,

    I been trying to submit my application true MACS website, and had been not getting true it for the pass 2 month. Can I submit the application personally at your IRDA’s office, please advice.

    Thanks you, best regards.

    • andrew says

      email fr IRDA:
      Dear Sir,
      Please be informed that currently only JB custom is available for MACS application. Whereas MACS application counter at KSAB(2nd Link) & IRDA still in the midst of upgrading the system.

      For JB custom, the operating hour is 24 hours every day.

      Thank you

      • Daud Aziz says

        Hi Andrew,

        As you mention JB custom, please advice the address of the office so that I can send in the application personally. Appreciate your’s assistants.

        Thanks you, best regards

        • andrew says

          Hi Aziz, i not sure the address given by the web is the same place i went, but i call the Tel No: +607-2182424 to check. the OSC is inside the JB custom, before commuter stamp passport by bus.

      • andrew says

        MACS One Stop Center as below:-
        The opening hours : 24 hours ( Everyday )
        Contact details :
        • Pejabat Imigresen Bangunan Sultan Iskandar, Johor Bahru
        Jalan Lingkaran Dalam
        Aras 3 Utara
        80300 Johor Bahru
        Johor, Malaysia
        Tel No: +607-2182424
        Fax No: +607-2234233

        call check system ok b4 u go, if by bus u will passby the OSC, green signboard or ask any uniform officer, they will direct u to OSC, if by car, park at city sq, walk over to custom, bring ic along to exchange pass, same if not sure ask n they will direct u.

  7. Amran says

    hi sir / madam
    i cal your macs pass depertament ( 075133040) few month ago , the officer ask me to apply online & print that document that i sumbit online to johor macs office. but i am trying to sumbit the application but the system its not working . i need your help on this issue. is there really malaysia have this kind of system sorry to ask u this kind of question because , when i check on this web alot of people giving commen about your system .. even when i spoke to the officer she its self tol me that system is down , she wan me to give a cal before arrive thats i think should not a problem , but now how to fill in or how to sumbit the application in online ? when the system is not working .

  8. NBC says


    Can Australian Citizen with Singapore Employment Pass apply MACS for constant travel between Singapore and Malaysia.

    Thank you.

  9. farhan says

    hello all. how do i key in this phone number +607-282424? from my starhub mobile phone. do i need to key in any special number infront?

    i cant seem to get through. thankyou in advance for your help

    • Wty says

      Hi Farhan, Juz key in…018607-282424 to call.. if sms u hv to use add +607-282424, if starhub at JB or malaysia line changed /autoroaming, then use 0207-282424 . If still cant get thru, check with starhub, autoroaming side, what u have to changed, is it the network searching thru ur mobile…

  10. Wty says

    Hi All,
    Just to share, I’ve called Malaysia custom to confirm about online application and is no longer in use as their system is having a problem.
    The advise is, If we need to apply for MAC, just go personally, fill in the form manually, 2 pictures and rm30.
    Updated: 28/07/2010

  11. wayne says

    if i use macs when entering JB but exiting m’sia thru, say, kedah, will i get stamped out at kedah? since i don’t get an entry stamp at JB customs and since kedah doesn’t use macs. or should i insist on getting stamped in at JB despite having macs?

  12. shy says

    Dear, I can’t log in to the Macs application is very dissapointed waiting ! Please help me how can I to gets true the macs form.
    I kindly apperciate to you ,Please help !

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Slamat, Understand from the MACs dept, They now don’t provide online application like i used to apply online for my 1st MAC.
      They hv standarized to manual application on the spot.
      The MAC help us, when there always jam during peek hour like 7am, most counter closed (RED CROSS) for changing shift, those with MAC, can just go pass the counter, since they don’t need to stamp.
      For those need to stamp out, have to wait till a new shift taken over and Q to stamp..

  13. jerome says

    i m frustrated by the macs machine on the right side since day one, the machine never in full operation alway breakdown. Take note : alway downs and sort of like a display units without function.

    We have to follow the jam que except no white card which i think i help them to save their printing of white card by paying them RM $30.

    I have write in a few feedback forms but no response or can’t be bother to response.

    As usual Malaysia boheh lah.

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Kintan, forms to obtain from the Malaysia Immigration counter for MACS. Level 2, after Malaysia immigration counter.
      Just bring along rm30 and 2 pcs of passport photo, renewal 1 photo only, fill in the form and hand over to counter..and Done..
      Note:- Once you enter malaysia stamp and then apply ur MAC already, Remember to ask the Immigration counter to stamp out for you when you leave malaysia, and Ur Mac is for your next visit. If not you have problem with them for not stamping OUT, after you did the MAC.

  14. jerome says

    dun bother to apply,
    first they cheap us by paying RM30.oo for saving white card for them
    2. U also jam in the que while the machine not working at all
    3. no indication of renewal procedure
    4. mac staff not professional as if we own them a living aptitude.

    • musaphir says

      hi jerome
      please see my comments and see if you can positively add on. i totally agree with your comments but it would be betterif we as users can offer postive feedback for the authorities to consider and respond to .

  15. musaphir says

    MACS is an excellent suggestion but it sserves only a limited purpose if there is no dedicat4ed queue for such holders. alternatively automated machines be set up where MACS holders can tap their pass and cross the immigration. it is not very helpful if we still have to queue up alongside everybody for immigration processing. there will be very little time saviving.
    seriously suggest dedicated MACS queues or automat4ed machine clearance .these will expedite immigratin processing. please give your comments on my suggestions

    • Anonymous says

      Musaphir, agreed with you, I thot there a MAC machine, whereas those taking public transport at bus counter.
      For own driver and families, yes, i am very happy if they hv this Machine on corner side, just like touch and go..just scan our passport then go off, but if the immigration staff also just hv a look at our MAC and did not scan..But this also will have problem to them, since if the wanted person can easily go off like that to another country..hmm..
      What i hate most is they don;t have standard of hand over during the changing shift, No standard to us, they closed all counter and those without MAC have to Q and wait till a new shift open their counter. Agreed??

  16. Anonymous says

    u think u pay rm30/$12.50…then u expect services like u pay rm3k or rm400k..?
    singaporean must grateful cause malaysian goverment  very kind; although it was meant for frequent travellers, but now they also let anyone one of us with a pasport of validity 2 years and above to apply for it, although i must say, some of us only enter for about 15 mins to fill petrol nia… or wash our filthy cars. cheers!

  17. Anonymous says

    Just stay at your own country and do not enter not apply MAC..settle..who want enter MALAYSIAN must follow MALAYSIAN your mind guys..

  18. says

    Now they had provide a mobile service in major shopping mall till 15th of December, may i know which shopping mall are they now to help us to apply for MACS pass,  thank u

  19. Suresh Bose says


    Can Indian Citizen with Singapore Special Pass holder, apply MACS for constant travel between Singapore and Malaysia.
    Please anyone reply me.

    Thank you.

  20. Suresh Bose says

    Hello, how can i get a MAC card long term pass in malaysia if I am a Spass holder in singapore? My purpose is I want to live in Johor bahru for few months while working in singapore. Also while I am processing the papers of my wife to enter here in singapore I am planning to get rent a room in JB and everyday I will just travel to sg to work. Any suggestion? thanks

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