Marina South Gardens

Marina South Gardens

Marina South Gardens

The Gardens by the Bay is a working name for the planned development of three major parks around the Marina Bay in downtown Singapore. First announced to the general public in the National Day Rally by the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in August 2005, it will allocate 94 hectares of prime waterfront land for park space, including a conservatory and serving as Singapore’s second botanical garden. The first phase of development is expected to be completed by end 2010.


Involving 54 hectares of land on Marina South, including the existing 30-hectare Marina City Park which will be redeveloped together with the new park. With a climate-controlled conservatory showcasing plants from around the world and as the future permanent home of the Singapore Garden Festival, it will form the backdrop behind the high-rise developments along the Bayfront area, and will link it to the Marina Barrage.

It will also incorporate something the designers call Super Trees. The super trees will be artificial structures acting as hanging gardens, rainwater catches, night time lighting, bar and restaurant venues, and shade providers for the pathways below. Some will be connected by aerial walkways. They will be of differing heights between 30 and 50 meters.


With 30 hectares of waterfront park land along the Marina Channel on the reclaimed land of Marina East, it will be connected to the western end of East Coast Park. The watersports themed park will allow for activities such as canoeing, water skiing, sculling and dragon boat races to be conducted along the Channel. It will also feature a number of artificial waterfalls and a wading pool.

A long strip of land of about 10 hectares along the promenade of Marina Centre will link the other two parts with the Marina Promenade, as well as the Kallang Park Connector along the Kallang River with the rest of the park network across the country. 

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