McDonald’s Delivery

McDonald Spicy Delivery

Current McDonald Delivery (McDelivery) promotion in Singapore

Enjoy $1 off McDelivery when you order via from now till 10 June 2011. Enjoy free McDonald’s Delivery when you charge a min. of $22 on food purchases to your UOB VISA and MasterCard Credit/Debit cards from now till 31 Dec 2011.

Telephone Number: 6777 3777

Delivery Time: 24/7

Description:Craving for your favourite McDonald’s sandwich while working late in the office? Just gotta’ have that heavenly Hot Fudge Sundae at 12 midnite? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a convenient way to feed a bunch of guests? Let food be the least of your worries. With 24-hour McDelivery™ (the only delivery service that never sleeps!), they’ll be there before you expect it with food that’s hot and fresh.

McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Singapore in 1979. And what an event that was – the world’s highest volume of hamburgers was served that auspicious October day at Liat Towers! Today, over 120 McDonald’s restaurants across the island serve 55 million customers yearly. 6000 employees keep the McDonald’s restaurants running ship-shape.

How to Order McDonald’s Delivery Service

First of all, you need to set up an account. Click on ‘REGISTER‘ at the top right corner of your screen. Key in your personal details and agree to our terms and conditions. Your account is now ready.

You can add a new address by going to the ‘My Address book’ section in the ‘My Account’ menu, or by clicking on the ‘Add address’ button when you start ordering.

Click on ‘ORDER ONLINE NOW’ on the main page banner. The estimated delivery time to your location will be shown. Start adding items from the menu to your shopping bag. If you haven’t logged in, you need to sign in before adding items. When you’ve finalised your order, click the ‘Check out’ button at the bottom of your shopping bag.

Click on ‘Order in Advance‘ from the top menu and select your delivery time and address. Choose items from the menu and click the ‘Check out’ button when you’re done. If you haven’t logged in, you need to sign in before selecting menu items.

A minimum order of $10 applies to all McDelivery orders. For deliveries to addresses in Jurong Industrial Area/Tuas, Changi/Loyang, Ocean Drive (Sentosa) ,Marina Bay Sands and Seletar the minimum order is $22. A delivery surcharge of $3.50 applies for every order via and $4.00 via 6777 3777.

Click on ‘Track my Order’ from the top menu and enter your order number (you can find your order number in the confirmation email sent to you after your payment was received) to check order status.

Payment Options

You can pay by either cash or credit card on For cash payments, a one-time authorisation PIN will be sent to your mobile phone when you confirm your payment details (only Singapore numbers are accepted). Credit card payments require either VISA or MASTERCARD as we do not accept other credit cards.

Breakfast orders

  • Breakfast is available from 4am – 11am.
  • Last Breakfast orders are taken at 10.45am.

Lunch/ Dinner/ Supper orders

  • Lunch/Dinner/Supper is available from 11am – 4am.
  • Last Lunch/Dinner/Supper orders are taken at 3.45am.
  • Big
    Mac™, Double Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Hamburger and Grilled Chicken
    Foldover are not available from 3am – 4am. [This is to facilitate
    operational transition to Breakfast hours starting 4am. During this
    time, our crew carry out thorough cleaning of the cooking grills to
    make sure they are spotlessly clean, as they prepare for another
    morning of Breakfast cooking on the grills.]
  • McFlurry™ and
    Sundae are not available from 2am – 6am. [This is when the soft serve
    machines need their daily “rest” and maintenance].
  • Vanilla Cones are not delivered as the nature of the product does not allow it to travel well.



  1. bijuh says

    I was all the while happy with the service provided by mc donald’s delivery except for today. i’ve ordered mc donald’s breakfast today at about 4am. I told them specificly not to ring my house door bell and to call my mobile upon arrival. My simple instruction was not conveyed to the riders; instead rang the door bell and woke everyone up at 4.50am. assuming the service would be better, but was unfortunately not. Drink poured out and spill at the entrance of the door, no straw to drink, not even a single butter, hotcakes syrup,knife or fork for the hotcakes set. decided to call the outlet(hougang ave 8)to voice out unhappiness. I spoke to one of the staff from the outlet, told him about the things which was not supplied. He promise that he will get the things missing within 15 mins. I was wrong again as they supplied No straw and two knifes instead of one fork and a knife. Iwas dissapointed with the service provided. What kind of service recovery being provided by Mc Donald’s delivery?

  2. Miss Liu says

    Called delivery at 7.42am just now, I am very please with the operator name Hana. Very good attitude and sweet voice. It will be good if all the operator provide such good service ;)

  3. Miss Liu says

    I am a fan with mac donalds breakfast, but they discontinue with the garlic chili, i don’t order anymore. I am very disappointed with mc delievery recently, therefore i lessen down my orders with mc delivery. Yesterday during the midnight, i order a mega mac meal up size and mcnuggets a-la-cate, my order delivered just before 45mins, yet the food was cold. I hope thr’s improvement with the temperature for mc delievery. Thank you.

  4. Melissa says

    I just made a Mac delivery and was pretty happy with the service provided. Though there was a mistake made, the manager I spoke to after the delivery was made was very kind and friendly and took immediate action to send over the correct order. Probably Mac staffs should ensure that orders are correct before sending out for delivery to prevent recurrence of such incident.

    The food delivered was fresh and hot which was rather a surprised since I used to have the impression that food wouldn’t be served that well via a delivery.

    All in all, I’m very pleased.

    Cheers Mac!

  5. says

    Very impressed with Mac Delivery. Its my first time ordering Macdonald via their website and its indicate the delivery time to be around 807PM. However, its arrived our doorstep 15 to 20 minutes of our order online. Congrats Mac and keep up the good work plus fresh and still hot burgers and stuff.


  6. Frankie says


    I had just placed an order from MacDonald Delivery service. Too my surprise, we are not given the monoploy contest. And when we call up the branch at BoonKeng, we were being told the contest was not meant for delivery service. I don’t it it is mention on the ads and if so. Please look into this, & we hope to receive a favourable reply from the management.

  7. arfah says

    hello….is there any where in singapore or JB where i can get grilled chicken Teppanyaki burger? my fiance just came back from sailing and he wanted tis burger so much..saw his disappointed face everytime we go to mac…frm amk to sembawant to tampines to jurong…everywhere…out of stock

  8. dan says

    Mac delivery say… 24/7 anytime ,everywhere … i just try ordering on website it say no stall is able to get my order.. great ! i call up the order hotline and was told due to “overwhelming orders” for my area they cannot get my order.. ask me to call back 1hr later.. Craps if they cannot even prepare enough workforce to be doin delivery they should not even write those 24/7………. and before i even get wrong item deliver to me from mac .. well i think i should stop ordering from them..

  9. dan says

    well just to add on.. the timing i was ordering is 4.10am… i really wonder what is their “over-whelming orders”

  10. says

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