Singapore Best Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake Festival in Singapore

This year, mid-autumn festival 2014 falls on September 8. Mooncake is something you can’t miss. We selected 17 of the most popular, best mooncakes in Singapore here; feel free to share with us your favorite moon cakes.

Mid-autumn Festival 2014 (also called mooncake festival 2014)

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a popular East Asian celebration of abundance and togetherness, dating back over 3,000 years to China’s Zhou Dynasty. In Singapore, it is also sometimes referred to as the Lantern Festival or “Mooncake Festival.”

Best Mooncakes in Singapore

It’s a long list and we may miss some wonderful mooncake vendors; if you know any, please let us know. You can also vote for your favorite mooncakes at the bottom of this post.

Peach Garden Mid-Autumn Celebration Mooncakes

Introducing Peach Garden’s new Premium Lotus Paste (White) mooncakes with Cappuccino and melon Seed which exude aromatic fragrant of roasted coffee bean blended with the subtle sweetness of the premium white lotus paste and the distinct taste of melon seed.

For those who prefer the petite and delicate chilled snowskin mooncake, their new Snow White with Seaweed and Snow White with Rose Nectar will sure to tease and delight your taste bud.

Download the order form at Peach Garden website (PDF).

Raffles Hotel Mooncakes

Moon cakes from Raffles Hotel are the one a friend strongly recommended. I would probably buy their moon cakes this year unless you suggest a better one.

In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Raffles Hotel presents her ever-popular classic and innovative mooncake flavours. Savour three new flavours that our talented award-winning chefs have created – Mini Snow-Skin Mooncake with Orange & Walnut, the baked Crunchy Treasure and limited edition Mini Snow-Skin Mooncake with Krug Champagne Truffle & Ganache.

  • Mini Snow-Skin Mooncakes with Champagne Truffle & Ganache (8pcs)迷你香檳巧克力月餅(冰皮)
  • Mini Snow-Skin Mooncake with Raffles Cognac Truffle (8pcs)迷你白蘭地巧克力月餅(冰皮)
  • Mini Snow-Skin Mooncake with Mocha Truffle (8pcs)迷你摩卡咖啡巧克力月餅(冰皮)
  • Mini Snow-Skin Mooncake with Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearl (8pcs)迷你珍珠巧克力月餅(冰皮)
  • Mini Snow-Skin Mooncake with Orange and Walnut (8pcs) NEW!迷你香橙核桃月餅(冰皮)
  • Baked Mooncake with Pine Nuts, Macadamia Nuts & WhiteLotus Paste (4pcs)松子夏果白蓮蓉月餅
  • Baked Mother of Pearl Mooncake with Single Yolk & White Lotus Paste (4pcs)單黃珍珠白蓮蓉月餅
  • Baked Mooncake with Double Yolk, Macadamia Nuts & White Lotus Paste (4pcs)雙黃夏果白蓮蓉月餅
  • Crunchy Treasure (8pcs) NEW!脆香滿月

You can order online here. Citibank customers can enjoy 5% discount if you order online.

BreadTalk Mid Autumn Celebration Mooncakes


BreadTalk Mid Autumn Festival Classic: $36.8 per box (4 pcs)

Mooncake flavors:

  • White lotus w/ single yolk
  • Traditional lotus w/ single yolk
  • Black seasame w/ single yolk
  • Pandan w/ single yolk
  • Mixed fruits & Nuts

BreadTalk also has Mini at $14.8 per box.

Set A

  • Macha Red Bean
  • Chocolate cream cheese
  • White lotus w/ macadamia
  • Tiramisu

Set B

  • Pumpkin Taro
  • Traditional lotus
  • Espresso chestnut
  • White lotus w/ chocolate pastry

Home’s Favorite Mooncake

This year Home’s Favorite shows their very own Golden Phoenix Durian Mooncakes in golden snow skin (from the best D24 durians). Orders from now till 13 Sept will enjoy an early bird promotion of 10% off retail price (except Golden Phoenix Durian Mooncakes) and free delivery for orders above $500 nett.

  • Home’s Favourite Snow Skin Golden Phoenix Durian Mooncakes: $88/4pcs
  • Snow Skin D24 Durian Mooncakes: $50/4pcs
  • Snow Skin Black Durian Mooncakes: $52/4pcs
  • Snow Skin Black Gold Durian With Truffle Mooncakes: $58/4pcs
  • Snow Skin Jap. Sweet Potato Custard Mooncakes (with Nata De Coco): $50/4pcs
  • Snow Skin Lychee Custard Mooncakes: $50/4pcs
  • Traditional Pure White Lotus Paste Mooncakes: $42/4pcs
  • Traditional White Lotus Paste With Double Yolk Mooncakes: $48/4pcs
  • Traditional Assorted Nuts Mooncakes: $48/4pcs
  • Snow Skin Jap. Red Bean With Attap Chee Mini Mooncakes: $45/8pcs
  • Snow Skin Champagne Paste With Baileys Truffle Mini Mooncakes: $45/8pcs
  • Snow Skin White Lotus Paste With Egg Yolk Mini Mooncakes: $45/8pcs

Download the order form here (warning: PDF file).

Bakerzin Mooncakes

Bakerzin offers several mooncake collections for Mid-autumn:

  • Classic Mooncakes
    • Wu Ren Mooncake
    • Classic Melon Seed Mooncake
    • Premium Egg Yolk Mooncake
    • Assorted Classic Mooncake
  • Celestial Mooncakes: Black Sesame Snow Skin & Valrhona Chocolate Pearl Snow Skin
  • Royal Jade Collection
    • Mung Bean Red Bean Snow Skin / Mung Bean Egg Yolk Snow Skin
    • Mung Bean Black Sesame Snow Skin / Mung Bean Yam Snow Skin
  • Divine Collection: Durian Snow Skin
  • Heavenly Collection
    • Brandied Cherries Truffle Snow Skin / Pink Champagne Truffle Snow Skin / Rum & Raisin Truffle Snow Skin / Whisky Truffle Snow Skin

You can order at Bakerzin website.

Tung Lok Mooncakes

This year, Tung Lok brings you exciting new flavors in their mooncake series to delight your palate during the Mid-Autumn Festival! Succumb to your temptations and indulge in our enticing range of Snow Skin mooncakes.Wrapped with baby soft snow skin, you will be pleasantly surprised with every supple mooncake, which comes with a choice of liqueur and non-liqueur fillings.

Cheddar Cheese with Mung Beans. An original cheesy creation featuring an exciting blend

of creamy Cheddar Cheese and nutritious Mung Beans.

Chestnut Lotus with Custard. A divine ‘marriage’ of smooth Custard and flavorful Chestnut Lotus will please the taste buds of every epicurean.

Low Sugar Red Beans with Custard. Concocted for the unsweetened tooth, our Low Sugar Red Beans with Custard mooncakes is a clear winner. Mouthful of red bean paste and custard for the perfect guilt-free indulgence.

Mung Beans with Mango. For a fresh and nutritional satisfaction, sample the essence of this tropical fruit balanced with the smooth texture of Mung Beans.

Low Sugar Red Beans with Champagne Truffle. Enjoy the wholesome goodness of low sugar red bean paste with luxurious Champagne truffle tor an indulgent yet healthy treat.


  • Mocha with Bailey’s Truffle
  • Mung Beans with Cherry Brandy Truffle
  • Chestnut Lotus with Grand Marnler Truffle

Check out the price list here (PDF). Or, visit the website.

Swensen’s Ice Cream Mooncakes

This mid-autumn festival, titillate your tastebuds and bring joy to your loved ones with the sensational ice cream mooncakes from Swensen’s!

Enjoy a complimentary single scoop ice cream with every box of Pastry Skin Ice Cream Mooncakes purchased.

Experience these 8 cool flavors of mooncakes as they add fun to the mid-autumn festival:

  • Sticky Chewy Chocolate mooncake
  • Mixed Berries
  • Durian mooncake
  • Peanut Butter Crunch
  • Chempedak
  • Salted Caramel Cheesecake
  • Coffee Raisins mooncake
  • Yam

Pastry skin ice cream mooncakes: at $26.9 for a box of 4.

Previous Popular Flavors from Swensen’s Mooncakes

1. Sticky Chewy Chocolate (All-time favorite): The all-time-favorite is back! Savor Swensen’s Signature Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream that is good enough on its own.

2. Durian Supreme (Improved Version): With just a whiff of the aromatic fragrance and a bite of our enhanced ultra creamy Durian ice cream is sure to send you clamoring for more!

3. Hazelnut Latte: Hazelnut ice cream swirled with Cappuccino ice cream – a coffee lover’s perfect choice!

4. Strawberry Peachy Mango Yogurt (New!): Delight and soothe your palate with the refreshing combination of Strawberry ice cream swirled with Peachy Mango ice cream and yogurt.

5. Kiwi Raspberry (New!): Feel the zesty taste of Kiwi ice cream swirled with tangy Raspberry ice cream for a unique tropical experience.

6. Mangosteen (New!): Surprise your taste buds with rich and flavorful Mangosteen ice cream that looks and tastes almost like the real thing!

7. Black Sesame Peanut (New!): Bringing back the traditional taste with a cool twist is the creamy Black Sesame ice cream swirled with fragrant Peanut ice cream.

8. Milo (New!): Revel in a new way to enjoy this local favorite of Milo ice cream with diced almonds to give that extra crunch.

Swensen’s shares the fundamental belief for a greener and more sustainable planet, with the introduction of the specially designed reusable carriers this year. A reusable carrier will be given with every box of ice cream mooncake purchased, while stocks last.

You can enjoy 20% off your Swensen’s mooncake purchase by 31 August 2010.

Starbucks Mooncakes

  • 1-9 boxes: $31.8 per box
  • 10 & above: $29.8 per box

Delivery is chargeable at $12 per trip. Please allow 2 working days for processing. Complimentary delivery will be provided to a single location within Singapore for advance purchasees of 10 or more boxes.

For any enquiries, please call 6513 7500 between 9:30am to 5pm on weekdays.

Orchard Hotel Hua Ting Mooncakes

orchard hotel mooncakes

Hua Ting Restaurant is once again set to impress with innovative snow skin creations and traditional flavours. Gather your loved ones to enjoy an assortment of mooncakes at Orchard Hotel and make this Mid-Autumn Festival a time of joyous reunion!

Traditionally Baked Mooncakes

  • White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts: $42/per box (4pcs)
  • White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk: $45
  • White Lotus Paste with Double Yolks: $49
  • Lotus Paste with Single Yolk: $44
  • Seed of Harmony: $44

Snow Skin Mooncakes

  • Custard with Yolk: $42 per box (8pcs)
  • White Lotus Paste with Yolk: $42
  • Green Tea Paste with Yolk: $39
  • Pumpkin with Red Wine and Cranberry Paste: $39
  • Coffee Liqueur Paste: $39
  • Beetroot with Plum Paste: $39
  • Green Tea Twist with Single Yolk: $42 per box (4 pcs)

The information below for Hua Ting is outdated. You can skip to the next mooncake provider.

Chinese Pavilion

Ancient China has been transplanted to the hotel’s grand lobby! Admire the beautifully crafted Chinese Pavilion featuring the legendary moon fairy Chang Er, who swallowed an immortality pill and flew to the moon, and fall back into your childhood days with the splendour of traditional Animal Lanterns lighting up the lobby and clock tower.

New Creations

Our award-winning Chefs have redefined the Mooncake. Enchantment comes in the form of four imaginative new creations that will appeal to your senses in the most delectable way possible.

Mini Snow Skin Durian Mooncake at $6.50 per piece

A first from Orchard Hotel, the Mini Snow Skin Durian Mooncake is filled with the richness and distinctive taste of the famous D24 Durians.

Mini Snow Skin Cheese and Egg Yolk Mooncake at $6.50 per piece

Our Chefs have created this fusion of exotic East and contemporary West Mooncake that produces a delicate and unique flavour to dazzle the senses.

Mini Snow Skin Mango with Almond and Melon Seeds Mooncake at $6.50 per piece

Blended with fresh mango puree and sprinkled with nutty almond flakes and crunchy melon seeds, the Mini Snow Skin Mango with Almond and Melon Seeds Mooncakes will be a revelation to your taste buds.

Pandan Paste with Melon Seeds Baked Mooncake at $11.00 per piece

A favourite local flavour and generously filled with pandan paste and crunchy bits of melon seeds, our Pandan Paste with Melon Seeds Baked Mooncakes are a sight to behold and a pleasure to taste.

Traditional Baked All-Time Favourites

Hua Ting’s renowned traditional favourites include White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts ($11.50 per piece), Seeds of Harmony ($12.00 per piece), White Lotus Paste with Double Yolks ($14.00 per piece), White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk ($13.00 per piece) and Red Lotus Paste with Single Yolk ($12.00 per piece).

Signature Snow Skin

Our popular Signature Snow Skin Mooncakes include Snow Skin Custard with Yolk ($6.50 per piece), Red Wine and Cranberry Paste ($6.00 per piece), White Lotus with Yolk ($6.50 per piece) and Green Tea ($6.00 per piece).

Hua Ting Treasure Chest

Add an exquisite touch of class to the Mooncakes by presenting your loved ones with the Hua Ting Treasure Chest (with your choice of Traditional or Snow Skin Mooncakes), an intricately designed antique box decorated with classic Chinese calligraphy of famous poems.

Get this premium gift set with complimentary top-quality Chinese tea for an additional $12.00 or purchase any of the two pre-packed gift sets below.

Hua Ting Treasure Chest (Traditional) at $53.00 (4 pieces)

(Red Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts, Seed of Harmony (Assorted Nuts), Pandan Paste with Melon Seeds)

Hua Ting Treasure Chest (Snow Skin) at $56.00 (8 pieces)

(Snow Skin Custard with Yolk, White Lotus with Yolk, Green Tea, Red Wine and Cranberry Paste) – 2 pieces each

Hua Ting’s Mooncakes order form can be downloaded here

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant Mooncakes

Tian Fu Teahouse(天府茶艺馆)presents its limited edition Bitan Piaoxue tea (碧潭飘雪) mooncakes, made from topgrade Jasmine tea from Xinjin in the Sichuan province of China. Only 1,000 pieces are available this year at both Parkroyal on Beach Road and TOP of UOB Plaza. What makes these mooncakes attractive is the beautifully wrapped brocade box and elegant Chinese tea cups, making it the perfect gift for this Mid-Autumn season.

  • Bitan Piaoxue Tea Mooncakes (4 pieces): $48
  • Bitan Piaoxue Tea Mooncakes Gift Pack: $68- Elegantly packaged in a brocade box together with a pair of Chinese tea cups, 20 grams Da Hong Pao tea leaves and 2 pieces of Bitan Piaoxue Tea mooncakes
  • Plain White Lotus Paste Mooncakes (4 pieces): S$35
  • Single Yolk White Lotus Paste Mooncakes (4 pieces): S$37
  • Double Yolk White Lotus Paste Mooncakes (4 pieces): S$39


  • 25% Corporate discount for purchases of 30 boxes and above.
  • Complimentary delivery to one location for purchases of 20 boxes and above. Otherwise, a
  • delivery fee of $30 per location will apply.
  • Exclusive privilege : For UOB card members, enjoy a S$20 Si Chuan Dou Hua dining voucher with every box of mooncake purchased.

Savour their signature Bitan Piaoxue (碧潭飘雪) tea mooncakes skilfully hand-made by our celebrated masterchefs. These mooncakes are infused with the flavour and aroma of the highest-grade Jasmine tea from their very own Tian Fu Teahouse. Beautifully wrapped in a limited edition brocade box, these fragrant tea mooncakes make the perfect gift to celebrate this Mid-Autumn festival.

Location: Parkroyal on Beach Road, top of the UOB Plaza.

Peony Jade Restaurant Mooncakes


Celebrate the mid-autumn festival with Peony-Jade delicious mooncakes, made from premium and healthy ingredients.

  • Snowskin Banana with low fat yoghurt mooncake
  • Snowskin wild strawberry with low fat yoghurt mooncake
  • Snowskin 100% pure chempedak mooncake
  • Mini snow-skin champagne truffle and ganache mooncake
  • Mini snow-skin lychee-tini and ganache mooncake
  • Peony jade signature falvours

You can download the order form here.

InterContinental Man Fu Yuan Mooncakes

InterContinental-mooncakesSavour this time-honoured festival with our new addition this year. Signature Japanese Sweet Potato Flaky Pastry Mooncake with single yolk. Fried to perfection and filled with Japanese sweet potato wrapped around a salted egg yolk, the combination of sweet and salty in a crispy crust will leave you wanting more. Traditional classics and snow-skin moon cake are also available.

Download the order form here.

Fullerton Hotel Mooncakes

Savour the joys of Mid-Autumn Festival as we present a brand new collection of snowskin mooncakes together with the much-anticipated return of our highly exclusive mooncake extravaganza – The Fullerton 15 Treasures Gift Set.

These impressive creations make the perfect gift for discerning business associates or simply to be shared with family and friends. Please click here to view the full range of mooncake flavours available for your selection.

For more information, please call Jade at 6877 8188 or email

Carlton Hotel Mooncakes

carlton-hotel-mooncakesIndulge in home-made delights at Carlton Hotel this Mid-Autumn Festival! Freshly made from the finest ingredients by the master Chefs of award-winning Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, each piece of mooncakes is a masterpiece. Presented in an elegant new packaging. the signature walnut Mooncakes,. Traditional Baked Mooncakes and new and exotic Snowskin mooncakes make good gifts for family, friends, business associates and loved ones.

BEST SELLER! Walnut Moontart
Savour Carlton Hotel’s signature Walnut Moontart with white lotus paste and egg yolk. With a crisp and fragrant crust on the outside and a smooth texture on the inside, this all-time favourite is also available without egg yolk and in a low sugar option.

What’s New? Mini Marigold Snowskin Mooncake. Be pleasantly surprised by the refreshing burst of subtle floral fragrances of this delectable mooncake with a smooth texture and a crunchy centre. With fragrant Osmanthus-infused lotus paste enveloping the crunchy ganache made of German Marigold oil, petals and hazelnut crocant, wrapped with oolong tea snowskin, this heavenly combination of East and West is definitely unique and for the adventurous who are looking for something different this Mid-Autumn Festival!

Download the mooncake order form here.

Szechuan Court Mooncakes

Szechuan Court brings back its legendary collection of marvellous mooncake to fete lovers with the most memorable and alluring flavours.Savour the delicate taste of these palate-pleasing morsels and appreciate its perfect blend of peerless passion and superlative style.

  • Feuilletine-Hazelnut with Wafer Crunch Nuts (8pcs, $45)
  • Rum & Raisin Chocolate Truffle (8pcs, $46)
  • Champagne Truffle & Chocolate Ganache (8pcs, $48)
  • Baileys Chocolate (8pcs, $46)
  • Selection of Mini Snow-Skin (4 Flavours) (8pcs, $48)
  • Szechuan Court Mooncake Treasures Limited Edition! (4pcs, $88)
  • Single Yolk in Red Lotus Paste New! (4pcs, $46)
  • Single Yolk & Macadamia Nuts in White Lotus in Paste Peach-shaped (4pcs, $48)
  • Double Yolk in White Lotus Paste (4pcs, $50)
  • Roasted Pine Nuts in White Lotus Paste (4pcs, $46)

You can order form here.

Goodwood Park Hotel Mooncakes

SoursopSnowskinMooncakeGoodwood Park Hotel introduces a new flavour to their snowskin range – Soursop in Snowskin Mooncake. Filled with smooth, velvety puree and juicy pulp made from fresh soursops, sink your teeth into this tropical delight, and experience a burst of sweet yet tangy flavours in one bite. This snowskin mooncake is indeed a refreshing treat in our hot Singapore climate.

Back by popular demand is the authentic Mango with Pomelo Mooncake which has garnered fans with its smooth mango puree with mango cubes and pomelo sac. Equally delicious are our signature D24 Durian and Cempedak Mooncakes, each filled with the richness and distinctive taste of the fruit, a true celebration of the tropics.

Also available are Goodwood Park Hotel’s handcrafted baked selection of traditional mooncakes such as Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks and Assorted Nuts with Ham which make perfect gifts for family, friends and business associates.

For enquiries and orders, please call 6730 1867 / 1868 or visit the Deli (located at the Hotel Lobby) from 9am to 9pm daily. Download form and fax order form to 6730 1891.

Concorde Hotel Singapore Mooncakes

The Concorde Hotel Singapore will celebrate the legend of the “lady on the moon” this year by enticing all mooncake lovers with 7 different types of the sweet delicacy.

From 7th September to 3rd October, Concorde Hotel Singapore will be retailing their mooncakes at Spices Cafe (Level 3), as well as from a special stall located at the Orchard Road entrance of Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall.


All prices are inclusive of 7% GST. All Concorde Hotel Mooncakes are Halal certified.

Download order form here. To place you orders, call Spices Cafe at 6733 8855 (ext 8133).

FREE DELIVERY will be provided for an order of 21 boxes of mooncakes and more, to a single destination in . For delivery of 20 boxes and below to a single address, a $30 delivery charge will apply.

What’s more, all American Express and DBS/POSB credit card holders get to enjoy additional discounts! This discount also applies to SAFRA members.

Wow! There are a lot of delicious best mooncakes in Singapore; share with us in the comment what your favorite mooncake is.

Contact us if you are a mooncake provider in Singapore to get listed. 

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  1. Princess C says

    Hi, Harbour City Restaurant used to have sugarless mooncake. Since it had closed down it’s operations, do you know if there are any other bakeries that sell sugarless mooncake?

  2. Harmony Ow says

    Hi, I have to be frank when i say this. I see the list is full of mooncake outlets that are more the expensive ones. I don’t see established mooncake merchants anywhere. There are truly well established mooncake merchants, who give you true quality mooncakes at lower prices than the long list of names.

    I think when we say “best mooncakes”, we should not restrict the merchants as the higher class ones, who definitely are giving their mooncakes a better packaging, and they are charging more because they incur higher business costs.

    So i think it should be fair we include some of the truly authentic local and well established mooncakes, eg. Tai Tong Kok.


    • says

      I agree with you Harmony. No one is trying here to declare anything for any brand or product. Relax. =)

      We collected the list of mooncakes from friends around. They may not be the best to you. Feel free to write a review of the best ones you’ve ever had; and, we’re happy to share with our readers.

    • mooncake says

      I beg to differ actually, although the listing had mainly hotels and restaurants featured, there were entries on BreadTalk, Swenson’s and Bakerzin, of which I think they are more of mid-range rather than high-end products.

      Instead of criticising on the efforts of others who took time to make this compilation, wouldn’t it be more beneficial to supplement the list with local/traditional mooncake brands?

      By the way, Tai Tong Kok, did you mean Tai Chong Kok? If so, their standards isn’t as good as they used to be, besides they aren’t exactly the cheapest:

      • Harmony Ow says

        hi there, i think in anything that we do, we must be prepared for criticism, especially views that are in the public, you stand for different views, which include criticism, you don’t expect only good feedback. Criticism is for improving, perhaps we can improve the collection of or presenting the data next time, we can say XX number of mooncake names have been surveyed, we have the top 10 or top 15.

        Let’s make this clear, i fully agree with you there have been efforts by the author for putting up the “best mooncakes”. No doubt about it, just that the list does not carry any traditional names, while i can’t say that the traditional mooncakes are definitely better, i was curious why not even one of the traditional names.


  3. Hauzun says

    Dear All,
    Just wondering anyone have any list for the local one as per what Harmony Ow says? Is it maybe because these shops are the more popular ones? Would love to have a compiled list of local mooncakes shops, especially if they have a same level of quality but lower in price. :)

  4. Eve says

    Hi people,

    Lets thank the author for the good effort! In all give thanks and be thankful at least someone start the ball rolling as its very siong and time consuming to check the individual brands one by one. Lets keep the criticism to ourselves and be a kind soul to add on the list if you find some other MK that is of good value and taste! Cheers!

  5. Quang says

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie here. Does anyone know if any the mooncake manufacturer on this site exports their products to other countries? I really want to order some of the mooncakes but I don’t think they sell them in the U.S. Could anyone help me?

  6. Donald says

    I am pretty sure Goodwood Park Hotel’s Soursop mooncake is not their new creation for 2010. It is the New Apple Caramel in Snowskin that lead the fleet. Furthermore, they have launched a LIMITED Edition Almond Beadcurd with Longan in Snow skin.

    I heard it is a gigantic 12cm mooncake.

  7. Eve says

    Away from the traditional types – those who have children or want something different, try Raffles Hotel’s “Popping Mooncake” its amazing, it just pops in your mouth (like those popping sweets that “jumps” on your tongue)! Next must try is their Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearl, really nice! Their MK is not too sweet too! NJoy!


  1. [...] This year, mid-autumn festival 2010 falls on September 22 (early than 2009 which is in early Oct). Mooncake is something you can’t miss. We selected 17 of the most popular, best mooncakes here; feel free to share with us your favorite moon cakes. mid autumn festival 2010 (also called mooncake festival 2010) The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a popular East Asian celebration of abundance and togetherness, dating back over 3,000 years to China’s Zhou Dynasty. In Singapore, it is also sometimes referred to as the Lantern Festival or “Mooncake Festival. source [...]

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