Name 9 Stations Along Downtown Line Stage 2

downtown line stage 2

Downtown Line Stage 2 (DTL2) is a 16.6km underground rail system which comprises one depot and 12 stations, including three interchange stations at Little India, Newton and Botanic Gardens.

LTA now invites you to play a part in naming the nine stations along Downtown Line Stage 2.

  • If you like the current working names, please type the working names in the box under ‘Suggested Name’.
  • If not, type a new name in the box and state the rationale for your suggestion. You can submit suggested names for more than one station.

This station naming exercise will be closed on 26 August 2008. Appropriate names will be shortlisted for public polling in September 2008.

General guidelines on station naming:

  • Depict the locality of the area
  • Reflect the history and heritage of the surroundings
  • Reflect the multi-racial and multi-cultural character of Singapore

Please also note that stations should not be named after public structure, commercial and residential developments. Submit here

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