NDP 2011 Theme, Logo & Tickets

The theme for NDP 2011 is Majulah! The Singapore Spirit. Majulah means “Onward!”. It represents our strength, energy and dynamism to continually strive towards building a better Singapore.

It is a word with deep roots in our history that also connects with our National Anthem – a familiar touch point that is close to every Singaporean’s heart.

The Singapore Spirit, highlights our unity as one people. It symbolises the competence and confidence that drive us to reach beyond our boundaries and to constantly seek new heights to scale. It also represents a unity built upon mutual trust as well as our can-do attitude and determination to take challenges in our stride.

Taken together, Majulah! The Singapore Spirit is a rally cry that calls on all Singaporeans to move forward together to bring Singapore to greater heights, to excel in our diverse fields of work and play and to realise our fullest potential. Through the theme, we hope Singaporeans will pause to reflect and discover what the Singapore Spirit means to them. In sharing and passing on the Singapore Spirit to our children, and our grandchildren, we seek to strengthen our roots and at the same time inspire future generations to build a better home, a better Singapore.

NDP 2011 Logo

This year’s National Day Parade (NDP) logo depicts the passion and dynamism of the NDP 2011 theme “Majulah! The Singapore Spirit”, which calls on all Singaporeans to move forward together to overcome challenges and build a better Singapore.

The five figures symbolise brightly burning flames whose soaring motion reflects Singaporeans’ constant drive for higher levels of success as a nation. The two central figures form the shape of a heart which represents our love for Singapore and the compassion in our society as we celebrate 46 years of independence. The five stars stand for our nation’s ideals of democracy, justice, equality, peace and progress.

The shades of red reflect Singaporeans from all walks of life. The overall vivid red colour signifies our unity, determination and can-do spirit that bond us in times of success and adversity.

Faces of NDP 2011

NPD 2011 Tickets

Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents can apply for preview and actual day tickets to this year’s National Day Parade (NDP) from 20 to 29 May 2011. Applicants can choose to ballot for two, four or six tickets to EITHER the NDP preview on 30 Jul 2011, OR the actual day on 9 Aug 2011.

Applicants should note that the lower the number of tickets they apply for, the higher their chances of obtaining them successfully.

Apply for NDP 2011 Tickets at Website/SAM/AXS stations

Step 1: Log on to the official NDP 2011 website at www.ndp.org.sg or visit any AXS and SAM stations. Alternatively, applicants can log on to the NDP website using Internet stations located at CitizenConnect Centres. The locations of SAM and AXS stations, as well as the various CitizenConnect.

Centres, can be found at www.singpost.com.sg, www.axs.com.sg and www.ecitizen.gov.sg respectively.

Step 2: Fill in all the fields as prompted on the screen before submitting the application.

NDP 2011 Mobile Application (App)

Step 1: Download the “NDPOnTheGo” Mobile App, available for free from the Apple App Store and Android Market.

Step 2: Access the “E-Ticketing” option and fill in all the fields as prompted on the screen before submitting the application.

NDP 2011 Ticketing hotlines

Step 1: Dial 1900-112-4551 to ballot for preview tickets on 30 Jul 2011, or 1900-112-4559 to ballot for actual day tickets on 9 Aug 2011.

Step 2: Follow the instructions as prompted during the call. A confirmation of the application will be heard at the end of the call. Please note that $0.20 will be charged for each call made to the hotlines.

Apply for NDP 2011 Tickets by Short Message Service (SMS)

Step 1: Key in “NDP” and send it to 9395-2855 to start the application process.
Step 2: An SMS reply will be sent to the applicant shortly. Follow the instructions as prompted. Please note that standard text message rates apply.

While there is no limit to the number of applications that each applicant can submit, only his/her latest choice will be entered for the electronic ballot when the application period ends on 29 May 2011. As such, tickets are NOT allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

The balloting results are final and there will be no appeals. As each ticket admits one spectator to the parade, children (inclusive of infants) must hold a valid ticket to be admitted to the parade. Successful applicants will be contacted between 9 and 18 Jun 2011 via the contact numbers provided during their application process. They can collect their tickets from 17 to 26 Jun 2011, between 9am and 9pm daily, at The Float @ Marina Bay (20 Raffles Avenue, (S) 039805).

The NDP and Preview tickets are strictly not for sale. For further enquiries or feedback regarding NDP 2011 ticketing, please call 1800-NDP-2011 (1800-637-2011) or visit the official NDP 2011 website. 

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