New Parking Coupon with Watermark

Parking Coupon Top

Parking Coupon Top

The URA and HDB starts to release new parking coupons incorporating a security watermark feature progressively from 20 June 2011 to deter the forgery of parking coupons.

The watermark feature will be in the form of a ‘URA/HDB’ logo imprinted on the coupon. The logo is visible to the naked eye when held against bright light.

To further help the public recognize these new parking coupons, the coupons would come with an information band “COUPON WITH WATERMARK” on their lower right edge. This is a sample:

Parking Coupon

Singapore Parking Coupon with Watermark

The new parking coupons will be made available progressively. They would be available for sale in major outlets such as 7-Eleven, NTUC FairPrice, Shell, EssoMobil, etc by July 2011. 

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