Pie Kia Pies: Uniquely Singaporean Food

pie-kia-shopTalked to a friend about “Pie Kia“,  from the Old Chang Kee Group, and surprisingly she had no idea what I was talking about. So for those who don’t know Pie Kia yet; this post serves as an introduction.

When friends discovered this shy young man had a passion for cooking, their first reaction was to snigger at his ‘unmanly’ exploits. But just one bite later, they dubbed him ‘Pie Kia’ – an affectionate moniker acclaiming his gift for creating the most delicious pies they ever tasted!

Dubbed ‘Pie Kia’, a play on Singlish to mean “pie kid“, is a bold attempt to win over the growing heartlander market.

Pie Kia is uniquely Singaporean, and proud of it. What is most special about this new brand is that we’re completely unpretentious. More than offering great bite-sized food, Pie Kia is a symbol of our local culture.


Pie Kia also boasts a range of unusual tastes and product names. A sample of pies to look out for include ‘toa pie kia‘ (which translates into big pie boy) for extra-large pies, ‘pie tan‘ (hard to earn) for pies on promotion, chin chai (salad), sio sio (soup), ho lim, and ‘pie seh‘ (shy) for special pies containing unique flavours like jackfruit and mango.

Pie Kia Shop Locations

  • Choa Chu Kang Exchange # 01-22
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza # 01-55
  • Century Square # 01-38 B
  • Ang Mo Kio Hub # 01-39
  • Dhoby Exchange # B1-38/39


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