Punggol Park: a park for “Family Leisure”

Punggol ParkThere are a lot of places we can explore during the weekend. National parks are great places. Today, let’s take a look at Ponggol Park.

Developed with the theme “Family Leisure“, Punggol park has many facilities to cater to the young and old.

  • The play and fitness equipment for active recreation
  • Open lawn areas for picnics or kite flying
  • A wooded area for leisurely strolls
  • A plaza area for taiqi
  • A community corner for relaxing

The park has two distinctive zones, i.e, the Southern Active Zone where the features for major activities are provided, and the densely forested area in the north of the pond, which forms the “Passive Zone” where one can engage in passive form of recreation.

Punggol Park Facilities

  • Barbecue pits
  • BYOP
  • Children’s play equipment
  • Food & Beverage Area/ Restaurant/ Cafe
  • Fitness corner/ stations & Fitness equipments/ exercise station
  • Jogging Path/ Running track
  • Pond
  • Shelters

Activities in Punggol Park

  • Tai Chi
  • Inline Skating
  • Exercise & Workout
  • Dining
  • Cycling
  • Barbequing
  • Woodball

Woodball (a little like golf) is a little-known sport in Singapore, but you should definitely give it a try at a new woodball course at Punggol Park.

Punggol Park Map

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