How to Renew Singapore PR

You’ve got your Singapore PR status for almost five years and now it’s time to renew it. A valid Re-Entry Permit (REP) is necessary whenever a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) wishes to travel out of Singapore. It will enable the Permanent Resident to retain his/her PR status while away from Singapore.

It’s actually not PR card that you need to renew but REP as it’s only valid for five years. A Singapore PR who remains outside Singapore without a valid REP will lose the PR status.

Documents Required to Renew PR / PR Renewal Form

  • Completed Form 6 . Download Notes – REP.
  • Singapore blue identity card/Identity card for National Service personnel
  • Valid travel document
  • Latest REP, if any

Additional Documents Required for SPRs under the Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) Scheme

If you are an employee:

  • A letter (issued not more than one month ago) from the employer addressed to the Controller of Immigration, stating the date of employment, position held and monthly salary
  • Statement from the CPF Board showing the CPF Contribution History for the last 12 months
  • Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the last 3 years.

If you are self-employed (e.g. company director, sole proprietor, business partner)

  • Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the last 3 years
  • And ONE of the three documents listed below:
    • Practising Certificate (applicable to applicants whose occupations require such certificates to proceed with their respective professional practices in Singapore, e.g. doctors, lawyers, etc)
    • Vocational Licence
    • Business Registration Certificate (showing the names of all the Directors and partners) from the Instant Information Service, Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Additional Documents Required for Spouse of a Singapore Citizen/SPR

  • Original marriage certificate
  • Singapore Identity Card of Spouse

Additional Documents Required for Dependant SPR below 21 Years of Age

  • Travel document
  • Birth Certificate
  • Parent’s identity cards
  • Marriage certificate of parents
  • Parents’ travel documents with latest Re-Entry Permits

When the applicant reaches 21 years old, he/she needs to produce the highest qualification certificate and proof of employment in Singapore, if any.

Note: Additional documents and information may be required to support the application if necessary.

How to Renew PR / Apply for REP

You can renew PR and apply for REP online or make an appointment with ICA.

Submit your application online via Electronic Re-Entry Permit System (e-REP) with  a SingPass account before the expiry date of your current REP.

If you do not have a SingPass account or your current REP has expired, you can make an appointment via Electronic Appointment Booking System (e-Appointment) prior to submitting your application (including completed forms and relevant documents) personally to:

Permanent Resident Services Centre
5th Storey, ICA Building
10 Kallang Road
(Next to Lavender MRT station)
Singapore 208718

If you are overseas at the time of application, you may submit your application using  e-REP provided you have a SingPass account. If you do not have a SingPass or Internet connection, you can submit your REP application through:

  • a Singapore Overseas Mission
  • a representative of a foreign government performing consular functions on our behalf in that country
  • a local representative in Singapore

Note: An overseas application should be submitted at least 2 months before the expiry of the current REP. This is to allow sufficient time for processing. An overseas applicant whose spouse is a SC or SPR should furnish his/her spouse’s Singapore identity card number and a copy of their marriage certificate to expedite processing.

REP Application Fee / PR Renew Fee

It costs $50 for a 5-year REP; payment by NETS or cashcard.

The PR renew / REP applications can be processed within one day if the applicants are in Singapore. For PRs who are currently not in Singapore, the outcome of the applications will be made known to the applicants within 5 working days.


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  1. andy says

    Hi, This is very friendly and convenient for users to apply and make transactions online. Very efficient. Keep at it.

  2. amy says

    Dear all,

    do we need to stay any minimum stay in order to renew our pr?
    what happens if ur jobs is a contract job?

  3. Shayla says

    hihi..tks for the infomation~
    can i check with u, if self employed since half year before, how to renew my pr status?
    note: i am a freelancer~

  4. April says

    I have the same doubt as Amy. If I want to pursue an overseas undergraduate course for 4 years, do I need to come back to Singapore within this period in order to maintain my PR status?

  5. ami young says

    any update on PR Renewal news?
    .. for those who has renewed recently in 2010.. can share your experiences?

  6. ami young says

    i wish to know for PR renewal..
    anyone pls comment, if u have been thru a process.
    as every1 works hard and i am still in the office now.


    • Joyce says

      I think PR and REP are two seperate thing, we do not need to renew the PR, and we should renew the ‘REP’ instead.

      As long as we have the valid REP then we retain the PR status if we travel out SG, otherwise we will lose our PR status when we are outside SG.

      However, if we are failure to renew our REP, as long as we remain in SG even the REP expire and we do not travel out, we still remain our PR status.

      Pls correct me if my interpretation is not correct. thanks

  7. Cleave says

    Hi, if I’m not working in Singapore, but REP expiring in next August, what would be the tendency that my REP will be renewed/rejected? Is there anyway that I could have my REP renewed for next 5 years for this situation? Actually I do travel to Singapore every end of the year since I came back to Malaysia. Your response is highly appreciated.

  8. amy young says

    today is nov 2010 , 9th. any one has done their renew of pR ( REP)
    what is new news? do update us to know how are you all doing ?

  9. Ryu jung hwan says

    Dear Admin.
    I’d like to renew the PR status. My PR/REP & My family’s PR/REP will expiry on 06/11/2011. When may I apply renewal document. I worked overseas from Nov 2008 but my children is schooling in S’pore as Sec 2,
    P5 and P4. What document do I need to summit to renew the SPR?
    Please give me details for it. Thank you very much!

  10. says

    Hi all, my mum is holding SPR for about 20 years but have ye to hear about any things on the renewal, could anyone kindly advice me on how to check the status?

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