Republic Poly Girl Scandal! Again?

SPH STOMP site “shared” a republic poly (RP) scandal of this girl who is posing with her chest exposed in a series of online pictures taken with her boyfriend.

This is not the first time our poly girls are so generous sharing their private lives. This time, RP scandal does kinda make RP “famous”. What does republic poly say about it? Proud or shamed?

The scandal does make some people stereotype poly girls while others argue:

think that the statement that suggests moral education is outrages. Students have already gone through all the moral education that they need in their secondary school life and it would be redundant to reemphasize on it in tertiary education. It is only one couple that have done that and who knows what age the girl is, stop stereotyping tertiary students as a whole. You can do so when the rest of the polytechnics cheers for her.

Some users think she is a victim,

c’mon people, she is the victim. These photos are in their private blog (pw protected). Can you guys(those who are giving negative comments) stop commenting rubbish here? Get a life please! Stop bothering her and her bf, stop adding fake information can? Hopeless leh you guys seriously.

What do you think?

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  1. says

    We are aware and grateful of your concern to the victim whose pictures were posted on public websites without permission.

    The Polytechnic would like to clarify that the pictures were first posted onto a password-protected private blog. The student is a victim of a prank which resulted in the leaked pictures being posted online. We are helping the female student investigate the source of the leak.

    The student is deeply traumatised by this whole episode, and is currently undergoing counselling. Our disciplinary team has started their investigation and action will be taken if a culprit is found.

    All students have been asked to exercise extreme caution when posting pictures and information online.

    We appeal to your goodwill and compassion – and humbly request that you remove this post and photos from your site – so as not to add to her agony.

    For any clarification, please contact

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Benjamin Chow
    Office of Corporate Communications
    Republic Polytechnic

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