Rite Pizza Singapore


Rite Pizza is another “buy 1 get 1 free” pizza in Singapore. Rite offers free pizza delivery service and its operation hours is from 10:30am to 10:30pm (last order @ 10:15pm).


Rite Pizza was formerly known as US Pizza.

Delivery Telephone: 6899 3838

Delivery Time: 10:30am~10:30pm

Rite Pizza Delivery Menu

Rite Pizza offers four kinds of pizza delivery:

  1. chicken pizza
  2. beef pizza
  3. seafood pizza
  4. pizzarite savers

Price for Rite Savers

  • 4 Pax 10″ Regular $21
  • 6 Pax 12″ Medium $27.50
  • 8 Pax 14″ Large $32.0

Price for Chicken, Beef, Seafood Pizza Delivery

  • 4 Pax 10″ Regular $23
  • 6 Pax 12″ Medium $30.50
  • 8 Pax 14″ Large $37

I heard from a friend Rite delivers great pizza in Singapore. Well, I haven’t got a chance to try it. Share in the comment if you’ve had a chance. Enjoy. Find out other pizza providers in Singapore.

Website: Rite Pizza (US Pizza) 


  1. md ayub bin maidin shariff says

    Good Day!!!

    Happy New Year to all the Rite Pizza Singapore staff!!!

    We’ve been ordering pizza from you 2 or 3x a month and we can say that we are satisfied and enjoyed the food.. the food is nice yet affordable for the budget.. the staff is nice and approachable even though were just talking over the phone..

    keep up the good customer service!!!

  2. Pizza's Lover says

    Worst day of my life. Got food poisoning after eating Rite Pizza’s pizzas. The staff were unfriendly and rude, obviously no training at all. Not worth eating.

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