River Hongbao 2011: Year of The Rabbit; Many Returns

River Hongbao 2011

River Hongbao will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2011 at The Float @ Marina Bay. The festivities will be bigger and better lasting throughout 13 days covering two weekends from 1st to 13th Feb 2011.

River Hongbao 2011 opens daily from 12 noon to 11:30pm (except for CNY Eve countdown night which would close at 12:30am).

The theme of River Hongbao 2011 will be “Year of The Rabbit; Many Returns” ( “兔”气扬眉 in Chinese ) meaning to usher in the Rabbit year feeling proud and happy of what we have achieved in past years with the return of the rabbit year.

This coming River Hongbao would also be different from past River Hongbaos with a focus on things uniquely Singapore (新加坡派). Visitors could expect to eat, drink and be merry with the many exciting experiences lined up for them.

he grand opening night would see performance by our very own Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) with the rest of the nights peppered with local performances by local pop artists, Clan associations and youth and students.

A specially commissioned short film entitled “The Reunion Dinner” directed by local youth talent Anthony Chen would be screened. Residents and new immigrants would be able to interact and enjoy together during the National Integration Night. A number of stalls by Singapore brands will also be featured on-site such as Singapore Post, Singapore Mint and National Heritage Museum.

Other nightly performances include cultural performances from Nanjing City and Guangdong Province of China, Taiwan and regional countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. More details on the series of interesting and exciting programmes would be unveiled in future press conferences and news releases! In fact, an MOU was signed with Nanjing City Government to collaborate and promote cultural exchange through River Hongbao. Therefore, a special Nanjing Pavilion would be set up to feature its rich tradition through Handicraft and tourism.

During the day, visitors could visit River Hongbao and get the chance to taste unique delicacies from Nanjing, China and watch demonstration and buy handicrafts. At night, the Float would be transformed with beautifully crafted lanterns and lighting installations against the magnificent backdrop of Marina Bay.

In addition to the traditionally popular lanterns such as God of Fortune, Chinese Zodiac, visitors can look forward to taking photos with the many “Big Pictures” with local flavours so as to create their own precious photo memories on-site with their loved ones. There will also be cultural activities such as nightly Chinese riddle-guessing. Calligraphy and Photography competitions would also be held. Children would be able to enjoy themselves too at the children’s funland. Therefore, RHB 2011 will definitely be a memorable, cultural and educational event not to be missed. 

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