Are You Qualified for Senior Citizen Concession Card to Enjoy SC Benefits?

Reader Samuel Cheah asked,

My birthday falls on 9 June 1954 – I supposed this is Singapore Senior Citizenship age to qualify for SC benefits. Could you kindly enlighten me as how I could apply for a discounted SMRT link card fare for SC.

According to transitlink website, Senior citizens aged 60 years and above who are Singaporean citizens or permanent residents are qualified for senior citizen concession cards. Application Forms for the Senior Citizen Concession card can be picked up at any TransitLink Ticket Offices or  click here to download the application form.

Please remember to attach a photocopy of your NRIC (front and reverse) and a colour passport sized photograph to the application form.

Your Senior Citizen Concession card will be mailed to you together with further instructions for use. Find out more about fares for senior citizen here


  1. ursula kilie says

    My husband and I are pensioners at the moment we are on bridging visas allowing us to live in Australia until our visas are authorised
    Is it possible for both of us to apply for a senion citizen concession card

    will be pleased to hear from you at your convenience

    thanking you Ursula Kilkie

  2. Joseph Carlton Lazaro says

    I am in Australia on a Bridging Visa till my my visa is finalised. I am aged 76. D.O.B. 26 – 9 – 1935.
    Am I entitled to a senors card for Travel Concession or any other concessions.
    I would be grateful if you could enlighten me on this subject.
    Thank you,
    4th June 2010.

  3. Alexander A. Jothy says

    I am 73 years of age, a Malaysian Citizen, married to a Singapore Citizen(70yrs of age), residing in Singapore. I am applying to the Singapore Immigration for a Dependant’s Pass. With this Pass will I be eligible to apply for a EZLink Concession Card ?

  4. Inderjit Kaur says

    I am a Singapore Citizen aged 60+. I wish to know how I can get the Senior Citizens Card for all benefits granted to Senior Citizens in Singapore. If there is any form that I need to download to apply for such a card. I did go into the sites stated on this page eg. translink but these pages are no longer available. Please comment and assist in my query. Thank You.

    Regards Inderjit

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