Sentosa Halloween 2010 event highlights!

Halloween 2010 is coming; Sentosa Spooktacular could give you the experience at the four spooky venues.

Sentosa Halloween 2010 Event Highlights

The Merlion
Ordered by the first late ruler of East Asia, a powerful curse was cast upon the forbidden island of Pulau Hantu to prevent the theft of the world’s most sought after treasure. For centuries, many have battled through raging storms, death traps and unknown mystical creatures to steal the treasures but all have lost their lives. Will you be next the next to sink or swim?

Wax Museum
Since the 1950s, there’s been a wax museum that’s rumoured to be haunted. Inside, a disfigured wax artist is said to be turning people into wax figurines. They say that there is nothing scarier than being waxed alive, but it’s up to you to find out. Only if you dare.

Haunted Asylum
Back in the 1960s, there was a local village with a Bomoh who was obsessed over finding a cure for her mentally ill husband. She experimented on villagers using black magic and witchcrafts. The nightmare began when both she and the village turned crazy. Do you have the guts to fight off the insanity?



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