Poly Girl’s Blog Shila’s Voice shared too much private info

You probably have never heard of “Shila’s Voice – Breaking the Silence” blog; but, it’s hot and discussed all over the Internet. This 20-year-old poly girl openly writes about her active casual sex life in her “Shila’s Voice” blog and posts sexy photos of herself online for everyone to see.


As this “Shila’s Voice” can not be found, it’s hardly possible to verify the authenticity of the story; some readers don’t believe it’s true:

write watever she like… no one can proves that its true and had happened… as she had wrote” believe me if you want to…” she is sick, in a way that, she could jus write whatever she want,and to show off in a way…but never get caught..eventhough it might not be true…

Some felt bad for her,

too naive, too materialistic, too horny, too young. no future.

I’m not sure; this could be a manipulated story. According to STOMP, it was alerted of this blog; but all blog posts seem to be written about a year ago. The ShiLa’s Voice blogger alerted them herself? No one could recently actually take a screen capture of that blog as it’s gone already.


I can understand if it’s true; over 7 billion people on the planet, it’s not that hard to have any kind of person. 

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