Singapore 2010 Odyssey: 3D Virtual World for 2010 Youth Olympic Games

Singapore 2010 Odyssey is the first 3D virtual world based on the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games to be held in August 2010.

One interesting feature is that many of the games are multi-player competitions organized as in-world events. Rather than rankings based on general points, though those are possible, users will compete together in events like archery, hurdles, and swimming.

Users also have the opportunity to design their own 3D content. Singapore 2010 Odyssey is pushing that program specifically through schools. So far students from NUS High, Nan Hua Secondary, and Hai Sing Catholic have piloted the program to create in-world content, but it will be rolled out to other schools in the coming months.

Currently Singapore 2010 Odyssey is only available for PC.

Singapore 2010 Odyssey 

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