4 Ways to Check Singapore Airlines Flight Schedule

singapore airlines flight schedule search

singapore airlines flight schedule search

The most common way to check Singapore Airlines’ flight schedule is to visit its website and perform a search. However, there are three more ways to check the flight schedule as well.

2. Travel Planner (PC Download)

A convenient travel planner that allows you to check flight schedules even when you are not online. It also offers you the ability to build connections, create itineraries and print timetables. This timetable is updated weekly.

3. Singapore Airlines’ timetable (PDF)

Download Singapore Airlines’ timetable in Adobe PDF format and view it on your computer, or print just the pages you want and bring them along with you. This timetable is updated at the beginning of every month.

4. Flight Schedule Search via Mobile Web

If you have a mobile device or smartphone like an iPhone or Blackberry capable of connecting to the Internet, you can view Singapore Airlines timetable by visiting sq2go.com.

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