Singapore Social Development Network offers SDUTrust Dating Treats for Singles

The KissSingapore Social Development Unit – Social Development Service announces its new name – the Social Development Network (or SDN), as well as plans to extend its reach to all singles, linking them to a wider network of partners for dating services, events and information. In collaboration with private dating agencies, SDN will also be providing a sampler dating package for singles.

Merged on 28 January 2009, the Social Development Unit and Social Development Services have been operating under the interim name of SDU-SDS. Now it has its new name – called the “Social Development Network” or “SDN” in short. SDN aims to forge an extensive network of singles, resources and partners and to create an environment conducive for singles to meet and forge meaningful relationships.

In line with its new name, the SDN will be revamping its outreach to all singles. SDN will extend its basic suite of services to all singles. There will be no sign-on fee for these services, which includes access to the unit’s on-line communication platform, magazine, and information on events planned by SDN and its partners.

Singles can consider themselves to be part of an extensive network, which they can tap on to communicate with other singles, sign up for useful courses and interesting activities, or simply access the information made available to them. For those who wish to have more dedicated services (such as dating packages or personalized introductions), Social Development Network will link them with suitable providers for these services.

Singapore Social Development Network SDUTrust Dating Treats

As part of collaborative efforts with the dating industry, SDN and accredited dating agencies are pleased to introduce the SDUTrust Dating Treats. The Dating Treats consist of events or services specially packaged for singles by the 9 accredited dating agencies.

Valued at $64 to $502, the Dating Treats will be offered to singles at just $50, and SDN will co-pay1 half of the $50 cost per person. Social Development Network and the agencies hope that this sampler package will encourage singles to try out the services of accredited agencies.

To show appreciation to existing members for their support, the Dating Treats will be offered to all existing members free-of-charge when they sign up. Members will receive a letter with details of the initiative from SDN. For singles who are not existing members, SDN will extend the complimentary offer for the first 1000 sign-ups. After this promotional period, singles can still sign up and enjoy SDN’s co-payment of $25 for each single. 


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