Top 12 SingTel Grid Girls

SingTel Grid Girls were introduced to the public for the first time at the Fullerton Bay Hotel yesterday. The top 12 SingTel Grid Girls were chosen out of 300 who will represent SingTel and Singapore F1 night race.

The top three SingTel grid girls, who will be judged based on SMS and online votes, as well as challenges  will walk away with a total of $18,000 in cash prizes.

The Gird Gils in 2009 travelled around the world to many exciting F1™ race locations, where they shopped, partied, sampled exotic local foods, and revelled in the attention from world media.

The Gird Gils also met F1™ drivers, and learnt how to be hosts in exclusive celebrity workshops. The top Grid Girl had the honour of carrying the Singapore flag during race day.

The race is less than 40 days away!

Meet these hot SingTel Grid Girls here! 


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