HP Teaches How to Tune Up Windows 7 PC

Windows7 WallWindows 7 is designed for efficiency and speed, but over time, any system can get bogged down. In this FREE HP class, you’ll learn how to fix common hardware and software problems in Windows 7.

You’ll also take a look at installing and removing applications, and determining what’s running in the background. Finally, you’ll pick up system configuration tips for better performance, regular updates and more.

What you will learn:

  • Understand your PC and operating system
  • Use HP and Windows 7 tools to manage hardware and perform computer maintenance
  • Manage applications and processes running in the background
  • Clean up the Windows 7 environment
  • Troubleshoot common problems with Windows 7
  • Tweak your Windows 7 configuration for the best performance

Microsoft® Windows® 7: tune up your PC 

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