Get US Address & Shopping from Any US Website

US online shopping

Citibank’s latest Globeshopper program takes the hassle out of shopping from any US website. It could be very useful when your favourite US shopping site does not ship to Singapore or not accept your credit card?

You can sign up for FREE with Globeshopper and you’ll get access to all the latest American brands and the best deals online! You will enjoy great savings on shipping costs and trusted delivery with DHL.

How Globeshopper Works

  • Sign up for free & get your own US delivery address.
  • Start shopping online from any US website! Use the concierge service if your card is not accepted.
  • Have your purchases delivered to your new US address.
  • Consolidate or ship your items when you want.

You can register here


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    hey there. thanks for the great info. anyway u might wanna check this website . it is an online shopping portal and it actually converts us dollars into singapore dollars on your shopping cart. you might wanna check it out.

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